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Super UHS ST8500 Anti-Scratch Car Clearcoat

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Anti-scratch car and motorcycle body varnish

New generation formula, very high glossiness and scratch resistance

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- Kit 2 Litres

- Kit 9.5 litres


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ST8500 Anti Scratch varnish is a new generation of UHS two-component varnish which, in addition to being exceptionally glossy and filling, provides optimum protection for the paintwork and bodywork.

A slow-hardening anti-scratch formula designed for heavy-duty bodywork.

The ST8500 *Anti Scratch varnish is a premium varnish, which is easy to apply, offers excellent stretching and a low tendency to dripping thanks to its high dry matter content.

The latest-generation 2020 formula of ST8500 Anti Scratch varnish uses innovative acrylic polymers and provides levels of hardness and robustness never before achieved by conventional varnishes.

ST8500 Anti Scratch varnish is suitable for complete paintwork and also for repairs and touch-ups.

Low VOC : < 420g / L*

The 8500 varnish is an ultra high-performance and also environmentally friendly varnish : Its UHS (ultra high solids) formula has a low solvent content and, after evaporation, allows the formation of a dry film that is thicker, more covering and harder. It has been designed to meet the most demanding standards and legislation concerning VOC emissions.

Learn more about the formula of the ST8500 Anti-Scratch varnish developed by Stardust :

- Maximum UV resistance

- Superior hardness and scratch resistance

- High thickness after drying, best dry matter content


Kit 2 Litres (1L varnish + 0,5L Hardener H421 + 0,5L Varnish thinner 712)

Kit 9,5 litres (5L varnish + 2,5L Hardener H421 + 2L Varnish thinner 712)

Topcoat for bodywork on

- Waterborne 1K basecoat

- Solvent-based 1K basecoat

Preparation :

On sound paint, dry and sanded to 400 - 500

On freshly painted paints, after 15 min desolvation and before 30 min

use a dusting pad before application.

Mixing 2 : 1

by weight

100 parts ST8500 varnish

50 parts hardener H421

Thinning from 20 to 30%.

Possibility to add anti-Silicone from 0.5 to 2%.

Hardness tests :

Hardness PERSOZ UN EN ISO1522

24H : 250

48H : 400


24H : 8


Spay gun from 1,3 to 1,5mm

Spray gun pressure : according to manufacturer’s recommandations

Suggested thickness : 50-60 µm dry

Single pass process:

Apply a medium, continuous coat, followed by a full coat. The first coat should be applied to the entire surface or all repaired parts before the second coat is applied. For less than 3 parts, 2 to 3 minutes of flash off* should be observed. For more than 3 pieces, no flash off is required.

Standard process in 2 layers :

Apply 2 full coats with 5 to 10 minutes of "flash off" between each coat.

Do not apply more varnish than indicated.



At a temperature of 20°C :

Dry to the touch : 60 min

Through-drying : 9 h

Most of the hardening properties are achieved after 72 hours.


Always respect a desolvation time of 10 to 15 minutes before drying.

Oven: 30 minutes at 60°.


Medium wave : 10-15 min

Short wave: 8-12 min


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