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Candy basecoat spraypaint 400 ml

New product

13 spraypaint to create the reflective Candy base colour

Choose among our Aluminium, metallics, pearl, and flakes effects

to create a great Candy finishing


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Candy spraypaint for the basecoat 

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Candy paint is the result of a coloured topcoat applied over a metallic background. The colour of the background must be light and be able to reflect the light through that coloured topcoat. 

See the variety of possible combinations in our PDF colour chart >>


Aluminium metallic paint is usually used for the background. It’s an effective paint, with good coverage and reflective properties.

For this we recommend the BC1 BRIGHT ALUMINIUM paint or BC2 COARSE ALUMINIUM (more glitter)


OTHERS UNDERCOATS:  (see PDF colour chart)

Pearl undercoats also reflect the light, however they have the disadvantage of being necessarily applied over a white or black background depending on the hue, as they have low coverage performance.

The Diamond pearl (BC3 to BC6) have a wonderful glitter.

BC4 shade is necessarily put over a white background (paint or primer). All the other shades will be over a black one.  


The other pearls (Artic, Red copper, Ice white, Red iron BC7 à BC12) are fine and elegant.

Among these pearl undercoats, some of them will have darker colours : e.g. Red copper, bronze....They allow  to obtain the final colour you wish by suing less candy coats.

Only BC10 and Icy white shades must be applied over a white background (paint or primer), and all the other ones on a black background.


Technical data sheet

Type of product: 1K Basecoat/Solvent-based paint, mono-component

Application :  Consecutive thin passes, until complete and regular coverage. Apply directly after the Candy topcoat

Touch dry : 5 to15mn.

Maximum interval for topcoating or covering up: 30 minutes.


Our StardustColors team is at your disposal (from Monday to Friday,  from 10 to 12  and 1 to 4 pm by phone or mail) to provide application instructions, safety and technical data sheets on StardustColors’ products.

"The new white and silver pearl undercoats

BC8 and BC9 paints are not metallic paints. They are made up of very special, hexagonal-shaped pearls.

These pearl undercoat paints are more covering, ultra fine, and give an unrivalled satiny effect. They create a texture and a finish much more subtle than the classic aluminum paints."




Candy Catalog 2021

Candy Catalog 2021


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