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Fluorescent paint for car and motocycle 1C basecoat

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StardustColors proposes new Fluorescent paint sprays for bodywork. 13 colours available.

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STARDUST Spray can of Fluorescent paint for bodywork

This range of professional paint is a "solvent-based 1K paint to clearcoat."
It means that a topcoat can be applied immediately over these mono component paints (no hardener).
They are easy to apply, in thin successive coats, one after the other (they dry instantly by 20 0C) until the perfect cover and fluorescent intense colour are obtained.

They should always be applied over a white base, this latter can be a white "base coat" paint or a white primer (see products mentioned at the bottom of the page)

Fluorescent paint comes alive with colours. Nevertheless, it is important to protect it from the sun as it can bleach if it is unnecessarily exposed the sun for too long:
To protect it:
- Do not park your vehicle in the sun
- Apply our anti UV topcoat
- And above all: Apply a maximum thickness of fluorescent paint!

Offer: 1 paint spray 400ml
Colour to choose
Coverage performance: 0.5sqm max/aerosol
Topcoating: Within 30 minutes
Tip: Always apply very thin passes, but several coats. Watch the video.

Other use:

One can decorate furniture, paint bikes, or any other object, as long as the support, made of plastic or wood, is properly prepared with our primers!


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