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Crystalizer effect

New product

The Crystalizer creates awesome crystal shaped patterns.

Brand new formulation, more concentrated and more efficient, to easily obtain large crystals

Available in 3 different Packagings and 2 complete kits

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The Crystalizer creates amazing crystal shaped patterns. The formulation is brand new, more concentrated and more efficient, to obtain easily large crystals effect.

Mix : Product ready to use. Do not thin. Shake well before use.

Product:Waterbased. Respirator and protective gloves required.

Application guide:

1/ First, apply a solvent based silver aluminium basecoat (see our Metallic Paints section). Let dry and scuff thoroughly with a scotch brite.

2/ Apply the crystalizer, with the special hand sprayer (included). The substrate must be completly covered with a thick and wet coat. Get rid of the excess by inclining the surface and immediatly store your painted object in a hot room (30°C at least). Crystals patterns will appear during evaporation.

3/ After complete drying and crystalisation: Apply a thin layer of black paint, just enough to cover up everything. Then once it's fully dry (5min), wipe off very gently with a sponge to uncover and reveal the crystal effect.

4/ Clearcoat within 20minutes. We recommend the application of a CANDY to tint the crystals and add more depth and texture ! (Find our Candy clearcoat in the CANDY section)

Coverage : 1L / 8-10 sqm


Advices on spray application : To avoid drips onto the paint surface, and to provide a uniform wet film:
-Rinse surface well with water and a Scotch-Brite sponge
-Do not apply to hot surface
-Apply two or three consecutive thin passes, rather than simply one thick coat
If you get drips or poorly crystallized paint , rinse with warm water and start over


Keep the liquid at room temperature : 10-25°C

High humidity conditions can affect the paint: it can result in crystalisation failure

In low temperature, the liquid may freeze quickly: Just warm it up gently in a bain-marie. 


Find the complete kit for car or motorcycle in the Complete kit section. 

If we use a paint aluminum (basis 1C), we advise to add 3 % of hardener in this paint.
Dry 12 hours, then pulverize the product CRISTALISEUR. The reaction will be better



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