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The two finest holographic effects in the world!

Two sizes to choose from:

- 12 microns SPECTRUM

- <10 microns SPECTRUM H1

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DESCRIPTION: Among the range of holographic paints produced by Stardust, the Spectrum is the finest product. It provides a spectacular holographic effect, which seems liquid, with a great transparency.

Spectrum Holographic Paints : Prismatic effect liquid solution 

The particles contained in the paint are microscopic: 12 microns for the Spectrum, and less than 10 microns for the new Spectrum H1, which has now become the finest holographic paint in the world.

Microns *: thousandth of a millimeter. 1 mm = 1000 microns.

What is "holographic paint"?
It’s a semi-transparent paint, grey in appearance, which produces coloured light reflections on the painted surface. Like a prism, the light is defragmented by the paint, and these iridescent colour reflections appear in a precise order (the rainbow colours) depending on the angle of view and the painted surface curves.

This very fine and very liquid holographic paint is magnificent and spectacular, and a challenge to apply:

This paint requires a good knowledge of spray painting and of the application of lacquers and topcoats.

The success of the effect relies especially on:

  • the particular quality of the basecoat.

  • the application method using very fine passes

  • the topcoat application method

    All of this is explained below in detail.


- Black or topcoated hard background (2K). Drying, and sanding with 4000 grit. Spectrum application by fine passes. 24hrs drying. Topcoat application with prior fixing.

APPEARANCE: Under a light source, it provides an impressive rainbow finish, without modifying the background colour (except for the black backgrounds and if less than two coats are applied), as it’s semi transparent. Therefore, it is possible to use any background colour.

Over a black background, the effect is maximized. After a few passes, the black colour is hidden and is replaced by a very fine silver finish.

DESTINATION: For all uses.

MIXING : The product is Readu For Use.

COMPOSITION: 1 component solvent paint


RESISTANCE: Excellent resistance to UV and high temperatures.

COMPOSITION: Solvent-based paint

YIELD: 1L / 4-5m² in 3 fine passes.

VOC : <86%



Use a black background, preferably a hardened, two-component polyurethane type:

It can be a 2K paint or a topcoat,
Allow through-drying.

Our undercoats:

  • Hi-Gloss Black 2K Paint: high hardness and gloss, accelerated drying without baking.

  • Wet Speed Topcoat: high hardness and gloss, accelerated drying without baking

  • CelCover Topcoat: fast drying, recommended for application without sanding.

  • Acrylic black 2K paint or Aquacel topcoat: fast drying, good adhesion, ideal for indoor use, odourless.

    2. PREPARATION : you can choose the application –

  • directly on the gloss background*, to achieve the effect with the maximum intensity, or

  • on the gloss background that has been finely with 4000 grit: use our Mirka abrasive disc

    *Adhesion is lower on a gloss background. You can flame (with a gas flame) the gloss surface using two quick passes: it will provide a superior adhesion.

Shake well. Use a fine nozzle spray gun <1.4mm Set a medium pressure (2.5 bars) and apply very fine passes, every minute, until the desired effect is achieved.

Without topcoat, the Spectrum develops good resistance, but can remain vulnerable to scratches or hydrocarbons, especially in the case of bodywork.

It can be topcoated with all types of clear coats, provided that the drying times and a simple application technique are strictly adhered to, because otherwise, the Spectrum will be soaked and you will lose all the effect.

Let the Spectrum to dry for a minimum of 24 hours at 20 °C.

Apply the topcoat in 2 or 3 ultra dry passes first, every 2 minutes, to fix it. Then apply the topcoat normally

StardustColors produces other holographic paints, which are particularly easy to apply:
Arco Iris Paint, (20 or 35µm ultra fine grain, very similar to Spectrum)
Rainbow Spektra Paint (fine grain 68µm or glitter 200µm) - exists in decorative acrylic water-based version on request, for interior/exterior walls.

Question: We have to put it on dry gloss black. Should we then wipe it with an abrasive sponge before painting the spectrum in order to make an eye-catcher or should we paint directly on the black?

Answer: Spectrum H1 gives better visual results on a glossy background* and hardened for at least 2 days

Otherwise, with the same hardening, or after a quick topcoat, you can sand with P3000
to have a little more grip. the effect decreases by 30%.

If you sand with 2000 (it's the biggest you can sand), the holographic effect is reduced to 50%

*To promote the grip on a shiny background, it is possible to flame.



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