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Car paint spray original tint


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Matt or glossy base paint spray.

Made according to your manufacturer's color code.

Decreasing prices.

48h delivery.

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Painting a car with paint spray can not be done, however we can very well carry out repairs, retouches, or even a complete item (eg bumper, door, ...)

Presentation of the offer Car paint spray:

Tint made to order only and according to a "color code" or "color name" only *

Exact warranty manufacturer's shade, formulated according to manufacturer's recipe

Solvent-type spray paint of the body type available in two versions:
- matt base to varnish 300ml - all car colors to choose from (to varnish with our 2C body polish spray)
- direct gloss 2C 298 - only opaque, non-pearlescent, non-metallic colors!

Order method:

1. Choose the amount of paint bombs (1 bomb = 0.33m2 to 0.5m2 in 2 layers)

2. Make the payment and the choice of delivery

3. After ordering, a confirmation e-mail is sent automatically: reply by noting the CAR BRAND and the COLOR CODE / COLOR NAME

4. Delivery is made the next day in France and 48 hours in Europe, if the order is made before 15h on weekdays.

Special prices:
A decreasing price is applicable depending on the number of aerosols for the same shade.

Application of paint bombs, 2 modes:

In all cases, spray paint should be applied on a clean, dry, dust-free, greaseless, and prepared bottom. Older paints should be surface sanded with 500 grit paper. Raw metal or plastic bottoms should first be primed.

1 - spray paint "base to varnish"

Shake the aerosol for 30 seconds then paint 2 to 4 thin layers with 60 seconds apart.
After 10 minutes of drying by evaporation of the solvents you can varnish in 2 layers

2 - spray paint "direct gloss"

Highly press the red button at the bottom of the spray can.
Shake the paint spray for 30 seconds.
Apply 2 glossy coats, allowing 5 minutes of evaporation between the two layers.

* We do not perform color code search. A color code usually consists of 3 to 5 letters or maximum digits.

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