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ARCO IRIS PAINT - 35µm / 20µm

New product

Holographic effect paint 35µm / 20µm

For automotive and design

Ultra thin paint with intense effect

Product available in different sizes

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Our new Arco Iris 35µm / 20µm is a prism effect paint:

It produces thanks to the light received (sun, lamp, headlight...) a perlescent effect with multi-rainbow colours.

Made of microflakes, odourless, powerful, and remarkably easy to apply:

The Arco Iris paint is a rare and high quality product, that has only advantages (compared to our Spectrum 12µm which is very delicate to apply, while our Rainbow Spektra 68µm is easy to apply but not very smooth)



The product is ready to use and to be poured in the spraygun.

Used in automotive, the product can of course also be used outdoors, for design objects, furniture or sculptures. Semi transparent, it can be applied over all type of background colour: the darker the background, the more intense the effect. Topcoat must be applied after.


Type of product: 1K basecoat, 1 solvent-based acrylic component, to be cleared

DESTINATION : System to clearcoat or finish for automotive, bike, decoration, others

SHADES: Silvery with prismatic colours shift

PARTICLE SIZE: Geometric particles 35µm

Theorical coverage: 3.5 sqm / L

Packaging : See scrolling menu

MIXING : Ready to use

APPLICATION : In very thin coats (2 to 6), depending on the effect you wish

SETTINGS: Spraygun, Nozzle 1.0 to 1.2mm - Air pressure : 2 to 3 bars

DRYING AT 20°C : DRY in a few minutes

TOPCOATING: To clear with any kind of automotive clearcoat


During the varnishing, the solvents of the varnishes can modify the state of the layer of holographic paint. This can cause microscopic flake movement and the holographic effect can be suppressed. It is important to always varnish with the following precautions:
Freeze the surface with 3 or 4 extra thin layers of varnish, waiting 1 minute between each coat.
Then varnish normally.

The application to the aerosol is much less easy than gun, we strongly recommend using our 'SPRAY CAN GRIP HANDLE'


Use of a glossy and satin background.
We get better results on a bright background. A satin or matte background produces a less intense effect.



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