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Anticorrosive Galva Flash, high gloss zinc effect

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Creates a molten zinc effect, bright polished aluminum chrome finish
Protects new galvanized parts and welds
Three-in-one product: primer / protection / zinc finish

Spraycan 500 ml

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GALVA FLASH - Molten zinc effect coating used for the corrosion protection of galvanized steel

GALVA FLASH is a multi-purpose product packaged in aerosol container
It protects, adheres and creates a glossy chrome finish (liquid zinc effect - see video)
- it ensures full protection of metals against all types of corrosion (salt spray, chemicals, humidity)
- it adheres directly over many difficult metals, in particular on galvanized steel.
- it provides flexible and abrasion resistant finish

It’s highly efficient thanks to its composition: rich in anti-corrosion additive and loaded with glossy aluminum pigments, it delivers a true "polished aluminum" finish, comparable to zinc

Its high yield and excellent covering power makes the GALVA FLASH a particularly valued product, especially for retouching metallic elements after a bath for hot-dip galvanizing or welding: it gives back a new zinc aspect.

Yield: 3 to 4m² for optimum protection

Versatile for private individuals or professionals:
Industry: To protect steel structures, metal frames, pylons, garage doors, porches, etc.
Craft trades: To protect pipes, boilers, vats, tanks, fittings, bolts, etc.
Automobile and motorcycle: Bodywork, rocker panels, exhaust pipes, door sill plates, welds, trailers, etc.

How to use the Galva Flash
• Shake the aerosol upside down for 30 seconds
• Prepare the surface to be treated (degrease, dry, deoxidise)
• Spray a couple of thin crossed passes, at about 20-30 cm distance between the substrate and the spray gun
• Drying: 30-60 min/20 °C depending on the thickness of GALVA FLASH applied.
Wait 1h before applying a second coat. Through-dry: 24h
• After use, purge the aerosol upside down.

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