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Chrome effect paint for bikes - complete kit in your choice of colors

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Canned paint kit for spray gun only

The chrome effect for bikes is delivered in silver color by default

The chrome can be colored as desired with the varnish

Choice to be specified by email after ordering

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The chrome look is achievable on a bike with chrome paint. It is a unique liquid paint, based on perfect aluminum particles, which produces a mirror effect if applied over a special undercoat.

The technique can be done with a spray gun only, and is impossible with spray cans. It is a special process, accessible to everyone with respect to difficulty, as long as the application instructions are followed carefully.

We offer the colored chrome finish as an option, with a choice of about ten transparent colors

Warning : the chrome bike paint process, gives a very nice aesthetic aspect, but has a greater fragility, especially to impacts, which can lead to peeling. A trick is revealed below in this page, to ensure a higher grip power.

Summary description of the technique in 4 steps :

1 - Black primer, complete drying, then sanding

2 - application of a glossy and ultra-hard base coat (varnish), then drying 48h minimum

3 - application of chrome paint, then drying for 48 hours minimum

4 - application of the varnish

Offer details :

- 2H Fast Body Primer kit BLACK 750 ml (500ml + 100ml hardener H420 + 125ml thinner V1)

- 250 ml chrome paint

- 1 Litre ceramic varnish kit (500 ml varnish ST8900X + 500 ml hardener)

- 50 ml of Candy color of your choice *

The kit includes enough to paint a complete bike (frame, fork and rims)

* for the chrome color option

Detailed application procedure :

Degrease and sand the bike frame with a 320 grit sandpaper. Do not strip !

Step 1 : Apply black primer

Mix the primer according to weight or volume

with 5 parts primer, 1 part hardener, 1 part thinner

Apply 2 to 4 coats at 5 minute intervals, depending on surface condition. If the surface is smooth, two thin coats are sufficient.

After drying for 6 hours, sand the surface with water using 320 and 500 grit paper.

Potlife : 60 min

Step 2 : Apply the varnish base

The varnish on the black primer will create the necessary conditions to reveal the chrome effect : the more shiny and hard the background, the better the mirror will be (and vice versa). For this purpose the ceramic varnish is used to give the best results.

Mix the varnish, by weight: 100 parts + 100 parts. No dilution

Apply two glossy coats at 10 minute intervals.

Allow to harden as long as possible : minimum 48h.

Can be handled after 90 min.

Potlife : 20 min

Step 3 : The chrome paint

On the varnished, shiny and hard surface, it is only allowed to dust, with a microfiber or a soft cloth. You can also do a flaming*.

The chrome paint is ready to use : it is applied in ultra-thin layers, leaving just enough time for evaporation between each layer. It is during the evaporation phase that the chrome effect appears. Apply several coats until the black background is covered.

It is recommended to wait at least 24 to 48 hours before proceeding to the final step of varnishing, which is also the crucial step for the success of the chrome finish on the bike.

Step 4 : Varnish :

Without varnish, chrome paint is not resistant to oxidation or abrasion. It is therefore necessary to protect it with a varnish, however it should be noted that the varnish, if not done in a certain way, will disappear the mirror effect.

The ceramic varnish and its hardener in a can, are mixed in equal parts 1 : 1, without dilution. The mixture must be used quickly (20 min)

The application is done in 2 glossy coats, spaced about 5-10 minutes apart, after having fixed the surface : To fix the surface, we will spray about 4 dry super coats at a distance of 30 cm, and with 2 minutes of delay between each coat.

The varnish will be dry in 2 hours.

Chrome color :

It is possible to choose the colored chrome option, and select the shade of your choice among our Candy colors here. Colors to be notified by email after order.

A 50 ml bottle of concentrated ink is provided to tint the varnish. The ink is dosed between 2% (for the yellow and black shades) and 4% (for the other shades)


The application of adhesive can be done directly on the chrome paint.

If you want to apply and remove adhesive masking, it must be done on the varnished chrome paint, with precautions to avoid any peeling.

* Flaming : How to avoid the risk of peeling and promote maximum adhesion between coats ?

This is the only technique known to create a good level of adhesion on a glossy unsanded background. It consists of passing a flame with a torch / blowtorch, quickly on the surface of the paint, in a back and forth.

Flaming can therefore be done on the undercoat varnish before chrome plating, and also on the chrome effect paint before varnishing.

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