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Motorcycle paint spray in original tint


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Professional spray paint

"Bi-layer base" version
to varnish obligatorily.
300ml format
Realized according to a color code provided by the customer

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Bomb paint with original tint all brands of motorcycle

> Do you have a color code for your bike? or a name color?
In this case, thanks to our database (updated every day), we can prepare the painting (the day of the order).

> If you do not have the code: The code is not present on the body of the motorcycle, nor on the gray card, Contact your dealer because we can not do research.

How many paint bombs are needed to paint a complete motorcycle?

> With a yield of 1/3 to 1/2 m² for each aerosol (with 2-3 coats of paint applied)
we can estimate:
that it takes 2 to 4 paint bombs for a motorcycle or
that it takes 2 to 3 paint bombs for a scooter.

Buy a spray paint for his bike in 5min:
- register on the website
- choose the quantity of paint bombs
- access to the basket and pay.

> It is only after the order that the COLOR CODE must be sent (by mail to commandes@stardustcolors.com)

Basic rules to prepare your fairings well before painting:

Lightly sand old varnish with 500 grit sandpaper
Degrease the surface
Remove dust and all traces of moisture

Some tips and techniques to paint with the bomb:

Shake the bomb well for 30 seconds then apply fast layers on all the fairings, until the bottom is covered.
Keep the jet perpendicular to the fairing, and keep a distance of 15cm.
In hot weather, the paint dries immediately and the layers can succeed one another.
In cold weather, you must respect 1 minute between each layer.
Clean the nozzle and the lip of the spray can, between each layer.

The installation of stickers:

The decorative adhesives should generally be applied to the paint and under the final varnish.
We stick the stickers as soon as the paint is dry "to the touch".
In general, they are compatible with our spray polish.

The final stage of varnishing.
This is an important step that will give all the brilliance and brilliance to the paint job done previously.
It will also provide protection against gasoline, water and the sun.
Important: The varnish must be applied within 10 to 30 minutes after painting.

Can my motorcycle shade be made in "Direct Gloss"?

The motorcycle and scooter colors are mainly pearlescent and metallic hues, for this reason it is not possible to manufacture them in "2C gloss" version, but only in single-component paint (to be varnished)

Special motorcycle colors:

Some motorcycle colors are complex and have two or three layers.
In such a case, you will be contacted by our color department, after the order.

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