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Glitter Pearl Diamond paint

Application on white or black background

Please refer to the colour chart in PDF

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The Diamond Spray paints are automotive solvent-based products,
to be applied very thin for fast drying , and that should be
topcoated immediately after application.

Far superior to the classic pearly paints, they create
iridescent effects, are sparkling and highly reflective thanks to the micro
metal glass particles that they contain.

The “aerosol” version of the famous diamond paints is of the same
quality than the product in cans.

Painting with aerosol spray paint is of course less easy than
applying paint with a spray gun (no adjustment
to fine tune the flow rate, nor of air pressure... )

Furthermore, the diamond colours are very special semi-transparent shades

Instructions for applying Diamond Spray paint must
particularly be carefully followed.


Background colour:
Carefully select the background colour (white or black)
in accordance with the Diamond colour (see PDF chart)

BACKGROUND COLORS (white or black)

Use a primer or an automotive paint of
professional quality, clean, dry and finely sanded .



Shake throughly the aerosol can for 30 seconds
Apply in very quick passes from left to right,
by covering with an equal and regular amount the wole surface
and keep on until an optimal colour concentration is achieved.

Depending on the temperature (during summer or winter), the drying time between each
coat of paint may be from 10 seconds to 1 minute,
to avoid sagging and allow the pearly film to form.

Diamond paints are different from the usual standard "car paints". They contain "Candy" inks and are more liquid.

It is very important to apply them in finer passes, to avoid the risk of sagging, and to prevent "marbling" effect, and in order for the  "diamond" pearls contained in the paints to be correctly positioned,  "laying flat".

1 SPRAY = 0.4/0.6m²


Directly after paint application, clear coat with a good quality automotive topcoat.

The application to the aerosol is much less easy than gun, we strongly recommend using our 'SPRAY CAN GRIP HANDLE'

Want to discover the high-definition photos of the beautiful Diamonds Paints?
Download the free catalog (27Mo) by clicking here



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