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Effect Candy paint - Chrome paint for Motorcycle

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New chromed paint system with « Candy » effect

complete kit with ceramic varnishes

Choice of color to be specified by mail after the order

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The effect :

Correctly applied, the chrome paint gives a mirror effect imitating 80% chrome after varnishing.

The colored chromium effect is obtained by adding a totally transparent "Candy" tint to the varnish. It is a multi-layer system, in which the respect of the instructions, especially for varnishing, and the drying times is particularly important for the success of the painting.

Summary of the technique :

After applying the black primer, the ceramic varnish is applied, to create a hard and shiny background. After drying for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours, the chrome paint can be applied with some fine veils. After drying for 24 to 48 hours minimum, we apply the colored ceramic varnish "Candy" with a little candy ink. The varnish is therefore used under and over the chrome. See detailed instructions at the bottom of the page.

The offer :

the kit includes enough products to paint any type of motorcycle and fairings.

Here are the details of the kit

Black primer 2K :

complete kit including 1L quick primer + 200ml hardener H420 + 250 ml thinner

Ceramic varnish ST8900X 2C

complete kit including 1 Litre of ceramic varnish X + 1 Litre of hardener

Chrome paint 500ml

ready-to-use mono-component product

Concentrated Candy Ink 100ml

Concentrated additive, choice of color (the choice of the color is given by mail after the order). Dosage from 2 to 6% (see dosages and existing colors on the page of concentrated Candy)

Application mode :

Step 1 : Primer

After sanding and cleaning the fairings with P500, mix the primer and apply 2 or 3 coats spaced 5 min. apart.

Mix : 100 parts primer, 20 parts hardener, dilution of 10 to 25 parts.

After through-drying (6 - 24 h), sand with P500.

Step 2 : Chrome Undercoat

Mix the ceramic varnish (only the necessary quantity) with 100 parts of varnish per 100 parts of hardener. 0 dilution. Maximum mixing time : 20 minutes.

One or two coats are applied, in order to create an ultra glossy surface.

Drying : a minimum drying time of 24 hours must be respected. For a superior mirror effect, it is recommended to allow a longer drying time of 2 days or more. The harder the base, the better the chrome effect will be.

Step 3 : Chrome

The paint is sprayed directly on the shiny, dust-free background without sanding. The application must be done with very fine veils, with 30 - 60 seconds intervals. Apply veils until the base is covered.

Adhesion: it is possible to reinforce the adhesion of the chrome paint on the gloss varnish, by "flaming": pass a flame over the surface in 1 round trip 5 minutes maximum before painting.

Step 4 : "Candy" colored varnish

Prepare the stained ceramic varnish mixture (only the required quantity)

- 100 parts ST8900X ceramic varnish

- 2% to 6% of concentrated Candy (Depending on the chosen shade, the dose varies : see the Concentrated Candy page)

- 100 parts hardener H440

Use the mixture within 20-25 min maximum

« Candy » varnish is applied in 2 to 3 coats, 5 minutes apart. The more coats are applied, the darker the final color.

Important : Before varnishing the chrome paint, the surface is dusted with a micro fiber cloth. The surface of the chrome paint must then be « fixed », without soaking it, so as not to lose the mirror effect. To do this, 4 micro veils of varnish must be applied at 20-30 cm, 2 minutes apart, to « fix » the surface without wetting it. You can then varnish without the risk of losing the mirror effect.

Drying to the touch: 30 min. Through-drying: 60-90 minutes

For more advice on the technique of chrome painting, the painter is advised to fill in the complete details on the chrome spray painting page.


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