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Candy clearcoat - 24 colours

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We offer the choice between 2C or 1C

1L of candy topcoat + 330ml of 432 hardener + 125ml of thinner


1L of candy transparent base + 1L Thinner

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« Custom » Painting technique widely used, each candy shade achieved is unique.

We provide delivery of the coloured transparent layer "Candy" in two versions to meet everyone's preferences. We strongly recommend version 2
1- The Candy Clearcoat version (2 components):
Advantages: no need to top coat, maximum transparency
Disadvantage: risk of sagging
2- The Candy Transparent Base version (mono-component):
Advantages: ultra easy application, no risk of sagging, management of coat thickness, more consistency in the application of colour
Disadvantages: necessity to apply clearcoat, transparency slightly lower compared to the topcoat

Note your choice in the "comments" at the end of your purchase.

The color chart PDF below can be found for high definition download at the bottom of the page:

the fluorescent yellow "Candy" 9FG is not UV resistant. it is intended for indoors


Our Candy clearcoats are made of the best Ultra High Solid topcoats and of top-grade candy inks : they guarantee a perfect translucent hue and a solid, thick and glossy film.


We propose a complete kit which includes the topcoat and additives to mix just before the application (hardener + thinner)


Candy topcoat is transparent and coloured : it must be applied over a metallic or pearl undercoat of a light colour (see our Candy undercoat product page)

The final candy effect is created by this particular combination of undercoat and candy topcoat.


Glossiness. Depth and transparence effect. Iridescence in the light. 

NOTE: Refer to our PDF Colour chart and product advice sheet


Use : Spraygun, airbrush

Mixing : Just before to apply, add 1 part hardener to 3 parts candy topcoat. Thin up to 10% if necessary. Pot life (lifetime of the mix) : 25mn at 20°C.

Coverage: 1.5L = around 3 sqm in 4 coats

Application : Over the pearl or metallic undercoat freshly painted, spray 2 to 4 regular thin passes of candy topcoat, depending on the effect you wish to achieve. The first coats can be more thin, while the last one will be well lacquered. The more candy is applied, the more darker the shade. It’s not necessary to put again topcoat. If you observe an orange peel effect or a lack of gloss, you can sand with 1200 wet after 24h, and spray another last coat of standard light coloured topcoat to lacquer the whole.

Additionnal Protections: Our candy topcoats show a high degree of durability under UV. The intensity of their colours is Aging resist. Their resistance can however be reinforced with our anti UV additive (see section Additives)


It’s a two-step process:

1-The undercoat, (metallic, pearl or glitter, chrome) provides a neutral background, opaque and which reflects the light

2-The candy (transparent coat – topcoat or 1K basecoat)  which will bring the colouring of the light.


Why Each candy is unique ? Because the combination of the two coats will produce the gorgeous transparent and bright coloured effect called Candy.

The final result will depend on the type and colour of the undercoat and the number of candy passes : the more coats, the more intense and deeper will be the last shade. The experienced painter will need to work with regularity to succeed in having a candy.

Tips for getting Candy hues:

The under layers:
Use the BC1 underlay (recommended) to obtain a Candy color easily and effectively.
Use the BC24 undercoat for very dark shades.
use white undercoats (BC4 BC8) for light shades and bright colors.

- Candy red:
Use red 119 for an orange-red, warm hue.
use red 08 for a pinkish red, garnet.

- Candy Green:
use green 31 for a lime green color
Use green 33 for a blue-tinted color

- Candy Blue:
Choose blue cyan 06 (recommended) to obtain turquoise blue up to dark blue.
Use the Blue 03 or 07 to get special blue.

- Candy yellow:
Lemon, light gold, or golden yellow or even golden brown tints can be made with only yellow 21.
99 gold is a dirty gold.


What is the difference between the offer "clearcoat" and "base"?

What to choose ?

The clearcoat is a finish:

It comes with a hardener (2 components) and it is a final layer.

While the base, is a matte layer (1 component + thinner), which needs to be varnished.

Varnish: it has the advantage of being done in one step.

It has one disadvantage: it can flow after 2 to 3 layers.

It is chosen for small surfaces, such as a motorcycle for example.




FDS Candy Clearcoat

FDS Candy Clearcoat



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Candy Catalog 2021


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