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Candy paint complete kit for bikes

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Candy complete kit in spraycan or in can

Choice of 24 Candy shades

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With this complete kit of professional products, achieve the famous paint effect « Candy ».

Candy paint kit for bikes available in 2 versions :

Kit in spraycan : if you wish to paint your bike with spraycans. It includes special spraycans for varnishing (with single-use hardener)

Kit in can : If you wish a bodywork painter to do the job or in case you possess a spray gun.

What is the Candy effect ?

In brief, it is a transparent color effect (the Candy varnish) applied over a metallic background (Candy undercoat)

The result : an exceptional bright and intense color.

Our Candy varnishes are formulated with the most efficient bodywork varnishes : They guarantee the best results in terms of glossiness, thickness, and resistance.

Our offers :

Kit en spraycan *

2 black base paint spraycans

2 Bright Aluminum BC1 paint spraycans

2 Candy varnish spraycans 2K **

*spraycan 400ml

Kit in can

Black base paint 250 ml

Bright Aluminum BC1 paint 250 ml

Candy varnish UHS WetSpeed ** 250 ml

Hardener 125ml

Thinner 125 ml

** Choice of Candy colors to pick from our colors

Which you will notify by email after order or in the commentary field


The spraycans are ready to use

Varnish spraycans are single-use because they include a hardener

The paints are ready to use

The Candy varnish is mixed as follows :

- 10 parts varnish

- 5 parts Hardener

- 2 parts Thinner

The color chart PDF below can be found for high definition download at the bottom of the page:

Application method

Over a clean frame, prepared and sanded with abrasive sheet 500.

The three steps are applied successively, without waiting more than 30min between each :

1 - Apply the black base paint in a few fine coats successively.

2 – Apply the Candy undercoat (Bright Aluminum BC1) in fine passes, repeat until the black background is covered

3 – Apply the Candy varnish in a steady and careful manner. Wait 5-10 minutes between each coat in order to avoid drips. You get a touch dry in 40 minutes, and a complete curing process in only 2 hours. The mixing is usable for 20 min.

What is the resistance ?

It is not necessary to varnish afterwards.

The Candy colors are UV resistant, and the UHS WetSpeed varnish is high solid and ultra resistant.

You intend to varnish more to reinforce the glossiness ? Find here our varnishes in can or in spraycan.

Why not to exceed the 30 min limit between each step ?

If you exceed the limit, the adhesion is no more garanteed.

In case you wish to apply stickers, you have to let it dry, then sand with an abrasive sponge.

Do i need a primer ?

If the frame is not smooth or is in raw carbon or in raw metal, you will then need to apply a primer.




Candy Catalog 2021

Candy Catalog 2021

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