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Ceramic 2K car clearcoat Cerastar

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Ceramic clearcoat in pot or aerosol.

4 versions : Ultra high strength

CERAMIC X (extra hard)

Kits include varnish, hardener and thinner.
Available in Aerosol 290ml.

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Best ceramic topcoat and coatings for cars

The CERASTAR® automotive top coat is called 'ceramic top coat' : this particular product shows amazing abrasion resistance thanks to the use of nanoparticles in its composition.

CERASTAR® is a special and innovative clearcoat manufactured by STARDUSTCOLORS.

The offers of the ceramic clearcoat:

  • Slow (L) / normal (N) / fast (R) versions

Slow (S) / Normal (N) / Fast (F) versions

Kit 2 Litres (1L clearcoat + 0.5L hardener + 0.5L thinner)

Kit 9.5 Litres (5L clearcoat + 2.5L hardener + 2L thinner)

Aerosol 290ml (two-component)

  • Extra hard versions rigid (X)

Kit 2 Litres (1L Varnish + 1L Hardener H440)

Specifications :

The versions of the CERASTAR S-N-F ceramic coatings are adapted to the size of the project to be painted. They are very beautiful, thick and levelling, glossy and easy to paint.

Slow version S : recommended for complete cars, allowing a slow hardening and a nice "stretched" look.

Normal N version : allow moderate or rapid curing for motorcycles for example, or for colder temperature conditions.

Hardness Measurement PERSOZ UN EN ISO1522 

Hardness Measurement BUCCHOLZ* *

After 24h : 268 / After 48h : 350

After 24h : 37 / 32

Ceramic varnish CERASTAR X (rigid) or F (flexible) has a higher level of hardness and dries very quickly.

Both versions are based on a different type of chemistry : these very fluid coatings become harder very quickly and form dry, glossy, ultra-hard layers.

They offer a higher level of resistance than all conventional bodywork varnishes.

Hardness Measurement PERSOZ UN EN ISO1522 

Hardness Measurement BUCCHOLZ** 

After 24h : 438 / After 48h : 440

After 24h : 20 / 20

It is very easy to clean. It resists better than other HS or UHS varnishes, to micro scratches / scraping / mechanical friction and also to the aggression of various chemical agents.

The exceptional characteristics of CERASTAR® varnish:

This high quality top coat is designed for cars and motorbikes, is easy to apply, super hard, and provides maximum gloss finish. Industry and building companies also use it for pieces subjected to severe rubbing or often exposed to chemical products (detergents, petrol...)
We can note a resistance rate more than 40% higher than with standard top coats . Some car companies (luxury brands) have chosen this technology for the complete coating and outstanding protection of their latest models.

CERASTAR® ceramic top coat is completely compatible with waterborne or solvent based auto body paints. The hardener (included) allows it to whether being used for spot repairs or complete finishings.



Mixture 2 : 1 by weight

100 parts ST8800-S-N-F clearcoat

+ 50 parts hardener (H421 H422 H423*)

Thinning : approx. 25% with thinner 712

Mixture 1 : 1 by weight

100 parts ST8900-X clearcoat

+ 100 parts hardener (H440*)

0 thinning

Mixture pot life at 20°C

30 – 120 min

20 min

*H421 slow / H422 normal /  H423 fast / H440 special 

Spray gun : Standard or HVLP 1,2 - 1,5 mm

Mode of application : Apply two coats with 10 minutes interval.

Drying :



Dry to the touch

S: 60 min / N: 40 min / F: 30 min


S: 24 h / N: 20 h / F: 16 h

Optimum hardness after 72 hours

Dry to the touch

20 minutes.


60 min

Optimal hardness after 48 hours

Volatile organic components:

Versions S-N-F : < 420g / L

Version X : 510g / L

Can we sand or polish "ceramic" clearcoats?

Yes, in the same way as conventional body paint.

Please note that the X version cannot be polished.

How to use spraycan :

Cerastar® is a registered trademark of StardustColors

* the Persoz hardness measures the resistance to scratching using a pendulum that scratches the surface. the greater the measurement, the greater the hardness.

**The Buccholz hardness measures the resistance to an impact by perforation. The closer the measurement is to 0, the greater the hardness.





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