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Food CLEARCOAT for direct contact S5029 WPU

New product

Certified clearcoat for direct contact with food

clearcoat tested for migration of harmful substances

Suitable for food containers

Kit of 1.2 or 6 kg

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Our transparent clearcoat S5029 is designed to be in contact with food. It is elaborated with a formulation in aqueous phase, and it is bicomponent, which gives it an excellent hardness and resistance.

Our water-soluble two-component polyurethane gloss clearcoat is a food clearcoat qualified for "direct contact", unlike a clearcoat that only meets the "indirect contact" standard.

This clearcoat meets the requirements of Regulation 10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs according to analyses performed by an external laboratory with reports (test 2021)

This clearcoat cannot be tinted without losing its "direct contact food clearcoat" certification.

Features :


Dry transparent


Resistance :

Temperature : Hot water 60° for 30 min.

Adhesion : good grip on prepared plastics.

Water : excellent resistance and impermeability

Offer :

The product is delivered as a complete kit, i.e. clearcoat + Hardener

Kit 1,2 kg

clearcoat S5029 1kg

Hardener : S6563 200g

kit 6kg

clearcoat S5029 5kg

Hardener : S6563 1kg

We can deliver the product in larger packaging (bucket 20 L + hardener 5L)

Ask for your price offer by mail

Mixing :

In weight : for 1000g of clearcoat S5029

add 180 g hardener S6563

In volume : for 1000ml of clearcoat S5029

add 180 g hardener S6563

Dilutable with water or with thinner S6147 max 10% if needed.

Mixing Time 2 hours at 20°C

Application of Direct Contact Food clearcoat S5029

At 15-25°C

The support must be sound, sanded, degreased.

Depending on its nature, it may be required to make a preparation

Spray application (gun 1.4 to 1.8mm - 2-3 bar)

We recommend the application of 2 coats at 10 minutes interval.


At room temperature : 24 h through dry

Optimal curing characteristics obtained after 48/72h or

Baking possible to accelerate hardening

Theoretical Yield

10 m² / L / 35µm dry

It is recommended 50µm dry / 165µm wet.

Test report and certification

Date : 2021 / Pourquery Laboratories

The tests are varied and carried out with a coat of 170 µm wetted on glass and teflon plate.

To detect the migration of harmful elements according to R N°1935/2004 and 10/2011, tests by immersion and filling at 40°C are carried out during 10 days.

Our clearcoat passes all the tests.






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