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Blender for Urki-Blend paintwork touch-up


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 Binder for bodywork paint touch-up

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Urki-Blend Spray is a colourless binder for paintwork touch-up. It uses a special solvent formula facilitating the incorporation and the blending of the new paint to the old paint, as part of partial repairs on bodywork.
It prevents halo effects around the repainted area, and facilitates the blending by polishing between the freshly topcoated area and the old background.

Binder used for paintwork touch-up, for easy fusing of the new paint to the old one, and facilitating the subsequent polishing process

Application method
1- Perform the paint touch-up
2 - Sand the old paint on the surface of the repaired peripheral area with very fine sandpaper (P2000-4000)
3 - Apply tocoat on the area and wait up to 5 min
4 - Just above the final finish coat (bodywork clear coat or gloss 2K paint) after 5 min (no more)
Apply Urki-Blend only on the border, the intersection area, the freshly topcoated part and the old finish,
keeping a 20 - 30 cm distance to the substrate.
Apply URKI-Blend in 2-3 thin successive passes, without waiting for evaporation between each coat. Apply within the repaired area.
5 - Allow for complete through drying
6 - Polishing

Liant Raccord Carrosserie

Keep in a cool, ventilated area, avoiding direct exposure to the sun. We recommend temperatures between 5 and 30 ºC.

The VOC content is less than 840 g/L (2004/42/EC) IIB (E)

WARNING: The containers must in no case exceed 50 ºC. Shelf life in the packaging: At least 2 years after it has been manufactured.

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