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ultra high temperature clearcoat 500°C

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ready to use monocomponent clearcoat
industrial and automotive
Available in
- 400 ml aerosol can
- 250 ml can
- 1 Litre can
- 5L can

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Transparent clearcoat that can withstand very high temperatures (up to 500°C) without cracking or blackening.
Liquid spray clearcoat.
It is a ready-to-use, monocomponent solvent-based clearcoat.
Its appearance is clear and satin-finish.

The particularity of this clearcoat is its composition based on high temperature resin.
The hardening and the optimal drying of the applied clearcoat film will occur with a baking of 200°C during 30min, or in the absence of baking during the first temperature increases of the room.

Its properties and performances
- Anti-corrosion protection action
- Good resistance to water
- Good hardness and scratch resistance
- Good general adhesion

On which surface should I use the high temperature clearcoat ?

- Application on ovens, furnaces, boilers, callipers ...
- Degreased steels

Do not apply to Wash primer - Cast iron, aluminum, galvanized and other non-ferrous metals

Application :

Recommended thickness: 20-30 microns dry (1 to 2 coats)
Spray application preferred
at 15-25°C

Practical yield 5 to 6 m² / L

Drying :

At a temperature of 20°C, without baking, it is recommended 72 hours of drying before handling and putting into service.
The baking can be done at 200° during thirty minutes, after desolvation of 10 min.

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MSDS High temperature clearcoat

MSDS High temperature clearcoat

TDS High temperature clearcoat

TDS High temperature clearcoat

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