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Epoxy Clear Coating System - Epoxy Glaze Resin


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Very thick epoxy resin varnish (up to 1cm per layer)

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Clear very high gloss topcoats & varnish
Room temperature curing
Improved UV resistance for outdoor use

Thickness from 0.5 to 4 cm *

Aspect : Clear slightly opalescent liquid

* for a cylindrical or cubic volume (width = height)

RESOLCOAT 4000 CLEAR / 4005 is a clear epoxy coating system formulated to produce high gloss coatings with the best possible UV stability for an epoxy system - with all the high mechanical characteristics epoxies offer compared to other coatings.
The system is formulated for the coating of all type of surfaces with high-end finish aspects requirements for inside or outside exposure such as surfboards, art pieces, outdoor furniture...etc...
One only coat should be necessary as the film is thick enough.
Should a second coat be applied, sanding is required between coats unless the second coat is applied within the first coat curing time.
On wood or other porous materials, it is recommended to work in descending temperatures so air does not release while the 4000 CLEAR / 4005 is curing.
To avoid air release & entrapment while curing on porous materials, layer of RESOLCOAT 1010 / 1014 water based epoxy primer may be used.


Mixing ratio by weight
4000 CLEAR / 4005
100 parts / 38 parts

The mixing ratio must be accurately followed. It is not possible to change the ratio, it would result in low-er mechanical properties. The mixture should be thoroughly stirred to ensure full homogeneity.
It is important to note that epoxy systems tend to heat up much faster in a pot than as a thin film. It is therefore necessary to only mix the necessary amount usable within the given pot life. Keeping the mix-ture in flat open containers reduces the risks of exothermic reaction


The standard procedure of working with epoxy systems applies to this system. The 4000 CLEAR / 4005 can be applied preferably by squeegee or brush. In case of coating a cured surface without peel ply, it is required to deglaze, clean and degrease the support prior to applying the varnish.
It is recommended to have workshop temperature conditions between 18-25°C in order to facilitate the mixing and the application. A lower temperature will increase the viscosity of the mix as well as its pot life. On the contrary, a higher temperature will reduce the viscosity and the pot life of the mix.

Mass Effect
Safety 4000: Beware of violent reactions (heating, smoke generation, etc.) in case of excessive casting!
Read the technical data sheet at the bottom of the page about thickness and mass effect.
Resin 4000 is a very reactive resin!

> The maximum thicknesses are specified for cylindrical shapes:
example: a cylinder or a cube 4 cm deep x 4 cm cm in diameter.

For a glaze or varnish, on a river table, the width of the casting is much higher (example: 100 cm)
We recommend not to exceed, in this case the 0.2 - 1 cm thick, and proceed in several pours.


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