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High resistance edible lacquer clearcoat

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6 different packaging types from 1.2L to 35L, colourless or tinted

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This finish is part of the polyurethane acrylic family (two-component) and whose main characteristic is that it has a food safety certificate (Compliance with food safety standards and test minutes)

Our high resistance edible clearcoat is a professional product not available in supermarkets. It’s dedicated for industrial applications in compliance with regulations, for example:

> Food industry (wine, dairy, processing...)

> Furniture and tools that come into contact with food

> Manufacturing and decoration industries for products in contact with the skin (glasses, watch, jewels..)

Exceptional properties:

high gloss, ultra hard finish, perfectly impervious to liquids and oils, resistant to detergents and other chemicals. Good flexibility and excellent resistance to temperature.

Can it be tinted?

The colourless version is called "Topcoat" and the coloured version is named "Lacquer"

We offer colour matching according to any reference

What substrate is suitable?

All types of substrates, dry and healthy, properly prepared. Depending on the material, a primer may be necessary. On old paint, a light sanding is necessary to re-create adherence.

Application method

For optimum application, the product must be sprayed with a spray gun (1.2 to 1.7 nozzle)

1 or 2 passes depending on the required thickness.

Yield: 12sqm/L per coat

Our packagings and offers:

- EDIBLE LACQUER CLEARCOAT - 1.2L Kit (0.72L + 0.36L hardener + 0.15L thinner)

- EDIBLE LACQUER CLEARCOAT - 6.4L Kit (3.6L + 1.8L hardener + 1L thinner)

- EDIBLE LACQUER CLEARCOAT - 26.6L Kit (14.4L + 7.2L hardener + 5L thinner)

- EDIBLE LACQUER CLEARCOAT - 1.75L Kit colour matching (1L + 0.5L hardener + 0.15L thinner)

- EDIBLE LACQUER CLEARCOAT - 8.5L Kit colour matching (5L + 2.5L hardener + 1L thinner)

- EDIBLE LACQUER CLEARCOAT - 35L Kit colour matching (20L + 10L hardener + 5L thinner)

VOCs Regulation: The product meets the current European standard for VOCs (- 420g/L mixed)

Edible clearcoat approval : Every order is delivered with the test minutes. 

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