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Used in the fields of footwear, ready-to-wear, and even in the furniture sector, on an industrial scale or carried out by craftsmen,

leather clearcoat protects the leather, making it waterproof, preventing stains and wear.
It also contributes to the leather good appearance, creating a thick, smooth and glossy layer.

The topcoat is very easily applied, in 1 pass, or even up to 4 passes without creating drips.
Leather clearcoat adheres directly and dries very quickly.

Leather clearcoat features:
- Solvent-based flammable product with hardener
- Touch dry in 1 hour, through-drying after 12 hours
- Flexibility up to 1800 on an axis of 8mm.

Leather topcoat packs available:
the product is sold as a kit that includes clearcoat, hardener and thinner.
0.85L Pack (0.5L of leather clearcoat + 0.1L of hardener + 0.25L of thinner)
1.65L Pack (1L of leather clearcoat + 0.15L of hardener + 0.5L of thinner)
7.75L Pack (5L of leather clearcoat + 0.75L of hardener + 2L of thinner)

LEATHER Clearcoat mixture (in weight)
- 100 parts of clearcoat
- 15 parts of hardener
- 40 parts of thinner
The mixture can be used for 24 hours.

Use of the leather topcoat:
It is applied with a spraygun on all types of leather, even imitation leathers,
with a first pass to ensure adhesion, followed 1 minute later by a glossy coat.
You can add as many passes as you want.

Pearl effect:
it is possible to create pearlescent or glitter leather effects
with our powder pearls here, to be added to the leather clearcoat (around 5 to 15g/L)

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