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Motorcycle high gloss varnish WET SPEED

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The best automotive polish for motorcycle and car 

Increased brightness
Accelerated drying

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WET SPEED varnish developed by StardustColors is an automotive varnish with ultra high solid content, formulated with innovative new generation components. It is suitable for all varnishing projects (ideal for motorcycle painting), but is also suitable for large surfaces or for auto body repairs.

Offer :
Aerosol 290ml 2K
Kit 1.65 Liters: 1 Liter of varnish, 0.5 Liter of hardener HARD-WS, 125 ml of thinner 710
Kit 8.5 Liters: 5 Liters of varnish, 2.5 Liters of hardener HARD-WS, 1 Liter of thinner 710

The best varnish in our range:
WET SPEED varnish has many qualities:
It offers exceptional tension, a wet effect shine, and express drying in only 45 minutes (A heart)!
The varnish is extremely easy to apply: it is easy to stretch and runs very little.
Highly brilliant, it stretches itself in 1 or 2 layers, and thanks to its high density (ULTRA HS 67%), it is very good for imperfections. Its high concentration allows more yield
Above all, it is suitable for applications with a temperature of 5 and 35 ° C! It does not create an "orange peel" phenomenon when it is too hot, it does not run in cold temperatures.
> Energy saving, fast drying, and fast delivery of painted parts.

The drying of the varnish is actually done in 45 minutes!
It can be polished as early as 60 minutes.
The product is bi-component
Its VOC rate is very low (325g / L), well below the threshold required by solvent legislation, making it a pleasant product to use. Its smell is very weak.
WET SPEED varnish is a varnish highly resistant to chemicals and scratches

100 parts of WET SPEED varnish for 50 parts of Hardener WS
dilution: 5-15%

Sanded surface at 500. degreased
Dry thoroughly with a cloth and a wiping pad to collect the dust.
Apply directly on the bilayer (solvent or hydro) bottom after 30 minutes since application.
When using hydro funds it is very important to make sure the water evaporates completely before applying the varnish.

Apply a half wet layer and after 5-10 minutes maximum finish with a complete layer.
Use with a nozzle from 1.2 to 1.4mm

10m² / layer / Liter for 30μm dry
For a kit of 1.65L: 7.5m² in 2 layers

How to use 2K spraycan :


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