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The kit includes topcoat, hardener and thinner

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This automotive clear coat is superior to the HS topcoat: it’s more hard and glossy. It’s also more eco-friendly and in compliance with the Directive to reduce VOC (contains less than 420g/L)

The name Ultra High Solid refers to its concentration in dry extracts: it has a better coverage performance and density.

It’s easily applied, in two consecutive passes or let 5 minutes between each coat.

See technical data sheet in PDF attached.

830 Clearcoat is compatible with the whole automotive paints in general, but also with all our special effects paints.

Application : The clear coat has a 3:1 mixing ratio with catalyzer/hardener

The offer includes 1L of topcoat , 330ml of hardener and 125ml of thinner

Coverage:  The 1.5L kit allows to topcoat a small size car with 2 coat

High Solid.automotive acrylic topcoat.

Mix instructions : 100 parts clearcoat for  33 parts of hardener, + 5 to 15% thinner 

Harmful product. Contains : Iscocyanates. For use by professionals only

Question: How to choose between slow, normal or fast?
Answer: The choice of the appropriate type of hardener will depend on the season, and above all on room temperature, or on the spray booth temperature:
Slow for summer, when the temperature is between 25 and 35 °C
Normal, when the temperature is between 15 and 25 °C
And Fast, in cold weather, between 5 and 15 °C

Question: What happens if we don't pick the right hardener?
Answer: If you choose in summer a hardener which is too fast, it will show wrinkles (orange peel) and will not shine, as it has not had sufficient time to tighten, while if you pick a slow hardener in winter, it will not dry and will drip.

Advices for our client :
We have a very large range of automotive clearcoats, and it can be confusing to know which one to choose .
To resume, we can say that our 2 best clearcoats are
- the "Wet Speed clearcoat", actually the most innovative and technology avdvanced tocoat
- and our UHS 830: widely used in Europe and Russia for almost 10 years, this excellent car clearcoat has proved excellent resistance and gloss lasting in various conditions, from the extrem summer heat of Greece and Spain, to the very severe winter of Russia.



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