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A special liquid and transparent product to promote adhesion over various plastic surfaces.
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The plastic primer is a ready-to-use mono component product, of transparent aspect. It's recommended for all PE (Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene) and ABS supports.

Before to begin the work, be sure that the surface is a rough plastic and not a plastic that has already been painted. In this latter case, it's not necessary to usea primer : simply use sanding.

Version P230 - Direct Adhesion PP-PE

The direct adhesion primer on polypropylene and polyethylene and the first product able to guarantee a high level of adhesion on these difficult plastics, even without preparation (sanding, flame treatment, etc.).
The product is applied in one or two thin coats, and must cover quickly within five minutes maximum with the paint.
Its level of adhesion increases from the moment of application, and during the days that follow, to reach the maximum after seven days.
PP-PE direct primer works on most other plastics

Application mode:

Treat the plastic surface with a flame (gas flame) in order to make the oils on the surface of plastics to react

"Sand" the plastic with an abrasive sponge soaked with thinner (solvent based: White spirit, acetone..). Do not use a sandpaper.

Clean well and degrease the surface.

Apply two to three very thin passes of plastic primer.

Note: During the application, the higher the temperature, the better will be the adherence.

Within 5min, put over very thin coats of paint to create an adhesion. Wait another 5 minutes and paint normally.


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