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Isopropyl alcohol (propanol) 1L

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Isopropyl alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol can very efficiently degrease and even strip surfaces in some cases because it's a very mild solvent.
It is ideal for degreasing and cleaning auto body before applying the film covering.
Also known as Isopropanol, it's a liquid that can be mixed with water or solvents.
It evaporates quickly and thus allows the thinning of water-based paints without lengthening too much drying times.
It can be used to disinfect a surface (eg desktop, keyboard, glasses, screens ..)
Delivered in secure plastic container.
Precaution for use:
Highly flammable and irritating liquid.

When preparing bare or painted surfaces before their painting, the alcohol IP allows an efficient and ultra soft cleaning of dirts, greases and silicones.



It can be used on any type of paint (water or solvent based) with the guarantee to not cause later on any adverse reaction. It can also be employed on metals, fragile plastics, glasses, etc...

This efficient product evaporates quickly and is significantly less harmful than standard degreasers.

IP  alcohol has multiple purposes : it can be used for the  cleaning of airbrushesand for the thinning of paints.



- Do not use before topcoating

- Do not use on fresh paints


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