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A range of 19 metallic paints for automotive and bikes

1L Sizes

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All the shades that we propose are not artificial but « pure colours » : they are obtained without addition of dyes, and thus create rough "metal" effects, with spectacular reflective properties.


Find below our list of 1L size shades, each one with their special characteristics :

Our 4 aluminium hues are made of pure aluminium metal. They have a very good coverage performance. They can be applied over any type of substrates. By preference a black one.

Bright Aluminium: PureAluminium, medium particle size, glossy and effective.

Coarse aluminium: PureAluminium, big particle size, very glittering and glossy

BC60: The world's thinnest aluminum automotive paint, with a pigment size of 5 microns (5μm = 0.005mm), easy to apply, to create a raw aluminum effect, clear and bright pigments, liquid paint and very covering.
To apply on black or white background.h


Silverchrome: pure aluminum, high quality, ultra-fine grains with geometric structure, very shiny. The application technique is quite special and different as compared to standard painting: First apply a white background over a 2K finish (or a white base that has been top coated). Allow to dry for 2 hours at 20°C or bake for 30 minutes at 60°C. Then apply, without sanding, extra thin passes of SilverChrome paint, in the same way than described for the chrome paint. Allow to dry for 2 hours at 20°C or bake for 30 minutes at 60°C. Apply the clear coat, starting with two or three ultra-thin passes to fix the surface and apply top coat normally.




1K basecoat, to topcoat / solvent based product, ready to use

To spray with all type of spraygun with small nozzle size and airbrush.

Backgrounds: All kind of backgrounds, primers or paints, sanding with 600.

BACKGROUND COLORS (white or black)

Always apply in successive thin passes until full coverage and topcoat right after.

Gold paint - 8 True Gold Effect Colours

Our gold paints are available in 8 colours. These gold paints provide true gold effects, with their very fine particles made from pure metallic gold pearls.
4 main colours give 8 gold shades, depending on the background colour used, black or white, (see picture below, in high definition on the PDF file provided on this page). These gold shades range from Pale Gold (FINE GOLD) to Warm Gold (DAZZLING) through Yellow or Intense Gold.

Find our BASECOAT-compatible white or black base here.

You can obtain matt or glossy gold paint finishes, with the clear coat that will be applied over our GOLD Effect paints: we offer for this either matt or glossy topcoats.

Some application tips:
Always apply our paints using airbrush or spray gun, in 5 thin passes.
You can use any topcoat.


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