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Packaging: 250ml - 1L 

* Details of offers:
Paint delivered in two components: transparent base + glitter

250ml transparent base + 30g Metal Flakes
1 L transparent base + 125g Metal Flakes

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glitter paint for decorative or auto body works

Glitter paint properties:

The glitter paint provides
- a coloured effect (bright metallic colour),
- a glittery effect (iridescence and incredible reflection)

On this page, we offer the following choice of grain sizes* and glittery colours:
- Silver Metallic Flakes Micro - 0.05mm
- Silver Metallic Flakes 0.2mm
- Silver Metallic Flakes 0.4mm
- Silver Metallic Flakes 0.6mm
- Blue Metallic Flakes 0.2mm
- Red Metallic Flakes 0.2mm
- Gold Metallic Flakes 0.2mm
- Green Metallic Flakes 0.2mm
- Purple Metallic Flakes 0.2mm
- Fuschia Metallic Flakes 0.2mm

*the grain size refers to the diameter (measured in millimeters or micrometers width) of the flake.

Further information on the flakes:

The glitter paint is made of micro metallic polyester flakes of premium quality (high cutting precision).
These particles measure 0.05mm, 0.2mm, 0.6mm, or 2mm according to version.
They are perfectly flat and smooth like mirrors, thereby offering a very high gloss.

A glitter paint for all purposes

According to your preference, select the acrylic version (solvent-free) or the body version (solvent > 420g/L)
The acrylic version is suitable for indoor decorative works and provides a good adherence on a wide variety of substrates. The acrylic version offers a glossy finish.
The body version is a 1K basecoat to use with any body clear coat.

Glitter paint consumption and coverage:

one can paint from 2 to 3m² with 1 Liter of glitter paint

The coverage is provided by the flakes contained in the paint, and the opacity and the covering of a background are obtained as further passes are applied.

Given their large size and thickness, when these flakes overlap, they are positioned at different angles and will therefore sparkle and reflect the light in all directions.

Glitter paint: application method

The glitter paint is ready for use. No thinning required.

The glitter paint can be applied using a roller, brush or spray gun (minimum nozzle size 1.5mm or more)
Using any technique, the paint should always be applied in thin and repeated passes until the desired coverage is achieved.
When working with a spray gun, it is recommended to increase the distance between the substrate and the gun, compared to the application of a standard paint.

Important information about the background:

We recommend using glitter paint over black or dark backgrounds. Light colours are not advised

Are glitter paints resistant?

The versatile properties of our glitter paints allow them to be used in various applications from decoration (showcase, objects, jewellery, architecture, etc.) to car paintwork, motorcycle or helmet painting (1K basecoat, or basecoat for candy).

Our paints are 100% UV-resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 180°C

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