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Aerosol Epoxy Paint for rims

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Polyester-epoxy paint
Different metal shades
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Epoxy spray paint - Metallic colours for rims

Our paints are made from pure metal, and do not contain dyes or stains.
We offer them in different types, with more or less fine grain of metal.

Epoxy-polyester formula quality
- Shiny and reflective pure metal effect
- Fast drying
- Fineness of coats
- Excellent resistance to splinters
- Full resistance to UVs

Application steps:

1 - Prepare the wheel rim:

Thoroughly degrease the rim. If it is a painted rim, sand with 500 grit sandpaper to ensure a good adhesion of the paint.
If it is a bare steel or bare aluminum rim, use a metal primer or aluminum primer, preferably grey, or if available, black.
Proceed to next painting step, or after 30 minutes if abrasive sponge is needed.

2 - Apply the paint on the rim

When working with an aerosol, always hold the spray can at 15-20 cm from the rim:
Keep your wrist flexible, and always maintain the spray angle at 90° to the surface.
With metallic paint, it is recommended to apply several thin and fast passes, rather than one or two thick coats that increase the risk of runs

3 - Apply topcoat to the rim

The spray topcoat must be applied after the paint If you wait beyond 30 minutes, this clear coat will not provide proper adhesion.

Here is our best metallic effect selection:

BC1 BRIGHT ALUMINIUM: Pure and shiny aluminum - medium grain
BC2 COARSE ALUMINIUM: Pure aluminum - coarse grain
BC9 FINE SILVER: Metallic grey pearl, ultra fine
BC50 SILVERCHROME: Mirror polished metal effect - ultra fine grain
BC61 DARK SILVERCHROME: Dark mirror polished metal effect - microscopic grains
COLOUR CODE: We produce BMW, PEUGEOT, ALPHA ROMEO rim colour codes

What can we paint with a Paint spray can?

1x400 ml Aerosol Spray Can* = 1 to 2 Simple car rims. For 4 complex rims: 2 to 4 spray cans ***

* An aerosol contains 75% gas and 25% paint.

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