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Liquid Gilding - Rich Gold Gold-coloured Paint

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GOLD Effect Gilding

Acrylic paint
available in 250ml, 1L or 5L
for spray gun, brush, whitewash

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Stardust Gold Rich Artistic Liquid Gilding

This professional gold-coloured paint is a real liquid gilding that allows to create a beautiful gold effect on many substrates.

Dorure sur un mur

Rich Gold Gilding consists of ultra-bright pure metal particles, which give the impression of a true leaf gold.
The application is much easier and within everyone's reach compared to the application of gold leaf, and the result will be similar.

No paint with pearl, aluminum or dyes can reproduce this Pure gold effect as well as Stardust Gilding.
This Rich Gold shade is highly glossy, and offers a warm tone like that of the precious metal

Odourless acrylic paint.


This gilding is used for example for illuminations (paper, scroll, etc.), on woodwork and old frameworks, mirrors, valuable furnishings.

Cadre en bois doré avec dorure.

This odourless liquid gilding dries quickly and creates an extra thin layer.
By drying rapidly, the paint liquid component evaporates, and the flat-shaped gloss metallic micro-particles are all positioned flat, to form a kind of gold veneer.
During the drying process, the paint loses its milky appearance, and reveals a pure gold reflection.

Directions for use:
Apply a first half pass to create adhesion, and allow to dry.
Then apply 2 passes to cover. Wait until the bottom layer is dry or tacky to the touch (0-30 minutes depending on ambient temperature and humidity).
Apply multiple thin coats, rather than thick ones

Yield: 2m²/L

Liquid gilding is easily applied using brush or spray gun.
If necessary, it can be thinned with a little water.
Clean tools with water

You can apply the gilding in one or two light passes, to have a transparent background like a whitewash, or cover completely.

For outdoor use, we recommend applying a topcoat on the gilding, using our gloss Aquacel clear coat.
Stardust Gold Rich Liquid Gilding is not sensitive to UV light

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