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Metallic paint with mirror polish finish stainless steel effect

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Liquid Metal Paints

are ultra fine metallized paints allowing for a natural or coloured mirror polished stainless steel effect.

Offers: 250ml, 500ml, 1L and Aerosol 400ml

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2-layer paint system:

- Black base
- Liquid Metal paint

Apply a polished stainless steel effect paint in 40 minutes

The paint produces a shiny metal effect.
Liquid Metal effect is very easy to use and achieve.
The products can be applied only by airbrush or spray gun.
The application and drying time of the different coats (2) is less than 40min in total
The effect can be applied to any type of well-prepared substrate or material*
The darker the black base, the more dry and shiny it is, the better the mirror effect will be.

Various applications 

The coloured-version Liquid Metal paint offers excellent sun resistance.
Any type of topcoat can be applied over the Liquid Metal stainless steel effect paint to make it resistant to abrasion and bad weather.
Examples of use:
- Works of art
- Plastics
- Automotive rims

Liquid Metal Paint Offer

- Available in various packagings
- Wide choice of colours with stainless steel effect

BC50 SILVERCHROME : Pure polished stainless steel paint effect
BC61 DARK SILVERCHROME : Polished metal with dark finish
BC62 LIQUID BLUE STEEL : Super smooth liquid blue metallic effect
BC64 LIQUID SILVER GOLD : Deep blue polished metal effect
BC64 LIQUID SILVER GOLD : Imitation of the white gold precious metal
BC65 LIQUID PALE GOLD : Golden mirror effect paint
BC66 LIQUID RICH GOLD : Polished gold bar effect paint
BC67 LIQUID COPPER : True mirror polished copper effect
BC68 LIQUID RED COPPER : Red copper effect
BC69 LIQUID JADE BLUE : Polished metallic turquoise effect.

- Product supplied ready-for-use (No thinner or hardener required)

The coloured polished stainless steel effect is obtained through application on a matte, satin or glossy black background:
We propose the following products:
- Acrylic black 2K Paint to apply using a spray gun (Ready-for-use Water-based product, Drying: 30min, Gloss: 60 °C)
If you would rather not use water-based products:
Bodywork matte base (Ready-for-use Solvent-based product, Drying: 15min, Gloss: 45°)
2K Paint can also be used, with a fine result, provided that the surface is flamed before application

*Background colours:
A black background must be used.
It is possible to obtain slightly lighter shades using a white background.

Explanations and instructions

1/ The glossy base:
good adhesion on plastics and metals, glass, and paints.
Apply a first thin pass to create adhesion
followed by a very wet and lacquered layer.
It is important to obtain a high gloss lacquered appearance on the entire part.

2/ Drying 1
Allow to dry at room temperature for at least 30 minutes.
This applies to a dry atmosphere with an ambient temperature of at least 20 °C.
A longer drying will increase the chrome effect.
Covering: a limit of 48 hours is possible.

3/ the black base is shiny and dry to the touch.
Liquid Metal paint is then applied in a few passes.
The coats must be extra thin and applied at short intervals as a thin layer of paint dries in seconds.

4/ Drying 2
Liquid Metal paint dries very quickly: In only 1 minute, the painted piece displays a beautiful polished metal effect and can be touched and handled.
The mechanical strength is low because the paint is ultra fine.
Topcoat can be applied if the painted part is often handled, subject to friction, or to liquids and bad weather.
Baking helps solidify the paint film and facilitates the clear coat application.

Liquid metallic colour composition2K Paint: 

Glossy base lacquer:

One-component, water-based acrylic polyurethane lacquer ready to use.
The product is glossy, solvent-free, does not drip and dries fast.

Liquid Metal Paint:

These single-component solvent-based bodywork paints are part of the "special effects" category.
They dry in just seconds.
They are different from the traditional paints, and show a viscosity comparable to water.


Rinse the spray gun with cleaning thinner

Here are some tips on how to apply topcoat on a polished metal effect paint

Any type of clear coat can be applied.
Caution: applying topcoat over the Liquid Metal paint can remove its polished metal effect, when the surface is “soaked”:
Therefore, it is necessary to "fix" the surface, using some ultra-dry clear coat passes before wetting the surface.

Some recommended topcoats:
Aquacel water-based gloss topcoat
830UHS Bodywork topcoat
Ceramic topcoat

Troubleshooting and defects

- Marbled aspect:

The product is not applied evenly, with uniform passes.
The coats are too thick, or without taking into account the drying time.

- No mirror effect:
The black base is not dry/gloss enough
Liquid Metal paint is applied too thickly, and/or the interval between each pass is not sufficient.
If you apply too much Liquid Metal paint, it will impact the mirror effect.

- Dry Liquid Metal paint goes away when rubbed.
Strong rubbing will remove the paint. But if the paint goes off easily, it means that the base is too dry, highly glossy and has not been flamed. Apply topcoat to the paint if you want to protect the paint from rubbing.

- The polished stainless steel effect disappeared after topcoat application while I have followed all instructions
> Apply finer paint coats, to stick the surface, without wetting. Then apply the clear coat well wet and glossy.
> Wait 24h before starting topcoat application, or bake the paint, to keep the beautiful polished metal effect after topcoat application

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