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Iridescent flakes for auto body work

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- 3 Chameleon flakes colours (25g)

- 4 Cosmic Diamond flakes sizes (25g)

- 7 Polyester iridescent flakes (30g)

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- 3 Chameleon Diamond flake colours (25g/150µm):

They are rare varieties of Diamond flakes (see the "Diamond pearls and flakes” product sheet) of exceptional quality: their powerful iridescent sheen displays 3 different colours depending on the angle of view. (They are perfectly transparent colourless powders). Since they are transparent, they appear only when exposed to light. They can be used over any background colour.

Mixture: 5 to 20g/L in the clear coat or binder

paillettes pour peintures personnalisées et vernis auto

- 2 Cosmic Diamond flake sizes (25g/Fine 100µm or Superflash 500µm or Flash 200 µm or Hyperflash 1000 µm)

These Diamonds flakes or pearls are made of ultra fine glass and can be regarded as high-end products, often used by HarleyDavidson motorbikes. They shine in different colours. When the effect is loaded, it may appear silvery when the observer is looking from a distance. If you come up close, you will notice a glitter of all colours. The effect is transparent, it only modifies the background colour if you apply more than 3 passes.

Advice: To be used in small quantities (5g/L) with the glitter

topcoat for custom paints and auto clear coats

- 7 Polyester iridescent flakes 30g

These special polyester flakes for auto body work are semi-transparent, and displays a changing double colour: the base colour and the reflection colour, which is revealed when your perspective changes They are 0.2mm in size and 25µm thick. These flakes should be dosed between 20 and 80g/L depending on whether you want to obtain coverage or only glitter slightly.
The NEON versions must be applied over a white background.

Colours displayed by the iridescent flakes

- C05: transparent yellow flakes, with gold or green reflection depending on the angle of view.

- C08: semi-transparent red flakes, with green reflection depending on the angle of view.

- Multicolour C22: transparent flakes, with pink, purple, green, blue and gold reflections

- C50: fluorescent yellow flakes, with green reflection

- C51: fluorescent green flakes, with turquoise reflection

- C54: fluorescent orange flakes, with gold reflection

- C54: fluorescent pink flakes, with pink and blue reflection

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are the benefits of Diamond flakes?
A: Their advantage is their perfect transparency and their high concentration (A few grams are enough. Their thickness is 100x less than the thickness of a human hair) They do not create excess thickness, and only one pass of topcoat is necessary. Moreover, they are resistant to very high temperatures.

Q: When should I use the name “pearl” or “flake”?
A: It is all a question of size in thousandth of a millimetre (micron). From 10 to 60 µm, we speak of “fine pearl”. Around 100µm, we talk about “very large pearl” (the Diamonds). Beyond 150µm, we can talk about flakes.

Q: What background color should I use behind a "Metal Flakes" glitter?

A: For a deep and reflective effect, to bring out the glitter as much as possible, use a black background.
For a clearer effect, and to avoid the presence of black between the glitter, we can use:
- an aluminum paint
- an opaque paint in the color of the glitter, or better:
- a pearl paint or metallic paint in the color of the glitter

If you have a question:
Our technical service answers you seven days a week: info@stardustcolors.co.uk 





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