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Transparent Cosmic Flakes - 5 colours

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Cosmic Metal Flakes

Choice of 5 colours

Coloured reflection effects or disappearance effects depending on the angle of view.

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Cosmic flakes are made of polyester and are part of the Metal Flakes family. They are 200 microns particles, delivered in the form of a colourless and transparent powder.

What is the difference with classic Metal Flakes?

The Metal Flakes from the Cosmic range are transparent and interfering. They create colour by reflection of light, whereas the classic flakes are opaque particles already coloured.


The Cosmic effect:

The Cosmic flakes disappear and reappear depending on one's viewpoint. They go out and sparkle as you move around the painted part.

Some references are Chameleon type because they can display two colours.


The Cosmic range flakes are a bit finer and easier to cover with topcoats.

In all cases, it is necessary to apply several passes of topcoat.


Mix the Cosmic Metal Flakes in the bodywork type clear coats or in our water- or solvent-based binders

Dosing: from 30 to 90 g/L, depending on the desired coverage.

Size and spray guns: 0.2 mm

This flake size is suitable for all spray guns equipped of 1.3 or 1.4 mm nozzles.

The background colour:

A black background is normally used (primer or 1K Basecoat).

However, any type of background colour can be used, such as a colour similar to that of the flake, or the opposite colour, or even white.


COSMIC Flakes are completely resistant to sun and solvents.

They can be used in all types of bodywork topcoats

Cosmic colours

CF925 Blue Green Chameleon colour which has a dominant blue, and green as secondary colour

CF926 Green Chameleon colour which has a dominant green, and blue as secondary colour

CF928 Orange Green Chameleon colour which has a dominant orange, and green as secondary colour

CF924 Blue Purple Premium Quality purple blue colour

CF954 Purple colour

MetalFlakes Cosmic

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