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We invite you to discover: Our new FlakeBuster, spray gun with a 1cm nozzle, which can spray all types of dry flakes (available in the Section SPRAY GUN)


Our "Metal Flakes" represent the top end of polyester hexagonal flakes thanks to their precise cutting.


They are the only ones that can be used in solvent-based as well as with water-based products.


The flakes are made of ultra-thin polyester, encapsulated in glossy metal, which makes them both highly resistant and glittering.

They are available in 3 diameters: 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm

(Thickness: 12 to 25µm)

Comment réaliser un Métal Flakes Blanc ?

On utilise tout d'abord un fond blanc (peinture ou apprêt) Les paillettes Metal Flakes non métallisées, comme les A1100 White (brillant) et A1200 Pure White (mat), sont utilisables dans le domaine de la décoration, en projection à sec, et ne doivent pas être revernies.

En carrosserie, un seul type de Paillettes Metal Flakes blanches peut convenir : le grade "High brillant Silver ".

Elles sont transparentes et légèrement métallisées ce qui permet de conserver le fond blanc et de donner un effet pailleté

Ajouter un "Candy" sur les Metal Flakes :

Souvent on applique une couleur candy (vernis coloré transparent) au dessus des paillettes argentées (ou autres couleurs). Cela permet de colorer la paillettes et d'obtenir un maginifique effet visuel de profondeur.


Tableau des metal flakes en stock


Weight: 30g ; 125g 

Destination: They are usually used as undercoat for Candy.

Use:They can be incorporated in a transparent binder (the product is available on our site) or in clear coat. Around 60g per Litre.


The choice of the spray gun and of its nozzle will depend on the size of the flakes.

In all cases, the nozzle size will be big enough to avoid its clogging by the flakes

The "Chrome Micron" pigments have a microscopic thickness. In comparison with "Metal Flakes", they are 10 times thinner.
To mix and use them, you therefore need a very fine binder:
Use MS version binder
30 / 40g / L ready to use

Do not filter, not even with a cone shape filter, nor with a pot filter for spray gun.

Questions and answers :

Q: I want to make my scooter in purple glitter. What do I need? my scooter is currently painted white. and also, do I have to mix glitter in varnish ??

A: To make a Flakes metal painting, you need 3 steps, a background, glitter and varnish.
For the background, white is not suitable. The best result of returning the light by the glitter is obtained on a black background.

1> For the base, use black, either a matte base or a finishing primer

2> For glitter, and especially if you want to completely cover the bottom with flakes, then it is better to use the transparent binder than varnish, to apply them (no risk of sagging and fast drying!)

3> Then varnish with thick body varnish, such as UHS 830 or WET SPEED, allow to dry, sand lightly with abrasive sponge and re-varnish ...

Q: I want a nice purple color for my glitter? must I take purple metal flakes?

R: Yes. However one can also use silver metal flakes. Then varnish them with a purple candy varnish. this will result in creating a deep and bright color, it's more interesting.
Note: we can use the varnish candy on glitter Metal Flakes colored example on green, golden .... The result is always deep and deep hue.

Q: How much should I put glitter for 1 Liter?

A: About 80 to 100g to cover well

Q: Is it better to use a flakeBuster (dry spray) or a conventional gun (glitter mixed with varnish / binder) to apply glitter?

A: On large surfaces it was used flakes mixed in a transparent binder. Dry spraying is especially suitable for small areas. Painting flakes of 200μm is very easy with a standard gun with a 1.4mm nozzle. Just be careful to keep the flakes suspended in the bucket mix as they tend to fall quickly to the bottom, and can clog the gun.

Q: What background color should I use behind a "Metal Flakes" glitter?

A: For a deep and reflective effect, to bring out the glitter as much as possible, use a black background.
For a clearer effect, and to avoid the presence of black between the glitter, we can use:
- an aluminum paint
- an opaque paint in the color of the glitter, or better:
- a pearl paint or metallic paint in the color of the glitter



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