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The phosphorescent powder is a pigment additive that gives naturally luminescent properties in the darkness to all transparent materials: binders, topcoats, resins, plastics, glass

The phosphorescent powder is made of pigments (strontium aluminate micro crystals). The product is clear and colourless, slightly yellowish or greenish for some colours. The powder can sediment quickly due to its high density: it must be mixed regularly and used with viscous binders

The colour by day (colourless) is different from the colour by night (phosphorescent)

The phosphorescent powder is non-toxic and non-radioactive. It's easy to use: it mixes readily in proportions of 2 to 30% of the total weight of the mixture:
the higher the proportion, the stronger the phosphorescence.

S-type super pigments are super charged and allow an optimal compromise between their relatively fine size (20-30µm and 30-40µm) and their performance worthy of large pigments.

The phosphorescent powder additive is compatible with all solvent-based clear coats and binders.
For mixing in water-based formulas, we recommend the waterproof powder range bearing a reference number with a "W"

Our offers:
15g, 100g, 330g, 1kg
Delivery within 24 or 48 hours

Duration and measurement of phosphorescence:
The GREEN and TURQUOISE colours are classified among the most luminous and powerful phosphorescent powders
The other colours show different levels of phosphorescence, considerably lower power

The duration of "charge" and "useful restoration" of phosphorescent powders:
It extends from 6 to 10 hours for strong powders (green and turquoise)
and from 1 to 3 hours for so-called weak powders (blue, violet, red, orange, yellow, white)



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