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Reflective Glass microspheres - 1Kg

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These microspheres are very translucent glass beads that have the ability to reflect light at dust or in the dark

When they are lit.

Choice of 5 versions:

- Bead from 60 to 80 µm High Intensity

- Bead from 80 to 120 µm (strong index: >1.5)

- Bead from 180 to 300 µm (strong index: >1.5)

- Bead from 400 to 600 µm (strong index: >1.5)

Bead from 1000 to 1200 µm (strong index: >1.5)


Of nearly perfect round shape, the "sphere" versions are of great purity and real microscopic beads. They create a very powerful retroreflective effect.



How to use them?

By sprinkling them on a freshly top coated surface so that they adhere to the non-dried product.

They can also be sprayed with our FlakeBuster.

It is very important to apply them over a white or very light background.



Do not cover (clear coat, candy, etc...)

We can apply the balls by sprinkling them or by projecting them with our blasting gun for example, on a semi-dry varnish of the type 830UHS (solvent) or AQUACEL (acrylic)


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