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Iridescent effect paint 1.5L

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Iridescent paint - 1.5L Kit

Bright colours with iridiscent effect

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DESCRIPTION :  The serie of iridescent paints is a range of vivid and glittering hues, provided exclusively by StardustColors. The paints react under light by producing a bicolor visual effect and complementary : the iridescent reflection contrasts sharply with the opaque colour in the background.


TYPE OF PAINT: Automotive paints to use with a spraygun. Mono-component and ready to use. It’s essential to topcoat them right after the application. No thinner nor hardener are necessary. The old fluorescent products, indeed more flashy, are being replaced by conventional automotive basecoats with pure shades. ->>>> It’s always possible  to get the previous version of the fluorescent basecoat, by marking « PLEASE FLUO BASECOAT » in the field Comments during you order. 


USE: Our offer includes 2 products (Basecoat and intercoat) to simply apply on top of each other, one after the other. This paint with special effect is quite easy to apply. The instructions are indicated on the cans.


TOPCOATING: Topcoating is of course necessary: it protects your paint and gives it a gloss that will show the perlescent effect. We recommend to apply our clearcoat right after. Our automotive topcoats  BS830 and BS810 are advised. The BS830 Ultra High Solid is slightly more glossy and harder than the 810 one.




Composition: 1K Basecoat, to topcoat, 1 component / VOC: > 420 G/L

Destination: Automotive, bike, decoration, others


INFERNO: i590 Orange flame or FLUO ORANGE basecoat + Diamond GOLD intercoat

JAMAICA: Apple green or FLUO GREEN basecoat + Diamond GOLD intercoat

ACID: 580 Bright yellow or FLUO YELLOW basecoat + Diamond VERT intercoat

REDLIGHT: 600 Bright red or FLUO PINK basecoat + Diamond BLEU intercoat

Specular gloss aspect: Matt - 10 to 20% UNDER 60°

Theorical coverage: 3 sqm / L 

Packaging: Our offer includes 1L basecoat and 500ml Diamond effect intercoat

Mix: Products ready to use. Shake well to mix the pigments.

SETTINGS: Spraygun, Nozzle 1.0/1.5mm max – Air pressure : 2-3 bars / Airbrush: Nozzle 0.5 à 0.8mm – Air pressure : at 25°C: 2.5-3.5 bars

Application: On background or primer (sanding with P400/P600) in thin successive coats. Spray first paint n°1 in at least 3 thin passes, then immeditely after apply very thin coats of paint n°2.

Drying: At room temperature: 15 minutes .

Topcoating, timeframe to respect: 5min < BS830 TOPCOAT < 30min. If not, sanding.



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