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EXPERT Chroming Machine

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The chrome plating system large model using silvering comes with 3 x 18L tanks and a 9L tank to cover up to 4m² of surface in one run!

The machine is currently in stock. Delivery by carrier in 48h / 96h on a pallet

Consumables are sold separately. 

Download the explanatory brochure with the 12min instructional video: PDF “Procedure” at the bottom of the page

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A complete silvering sprayer system that creates a 100% chrome effect on our VB110 undercoat that is first applied using a spray gun. The whole is covered with a special topcoat and forms a chrome finish, with adhesion guaranteed.  

StardustColors introduces 2 new patented high performance formulas:

- Fast R2S formula (contains formaldehyde) 

- Slow R5 formula 

Patented R2S and R5 technologies

Metallization products (R2S and R5 formulas) are part of the patented technology across 37 countries. As a distributor, STARDUST COLORS is entitled to provide to customers purchasing products, and who accept it, a license free of charge to use the technology in consideration of the purchase of metallization Kits (This partnership takes the form of a licensing agreement to return to us signed prior to receiving R2S and R5 products)

To achieve chrome effect, follow the instructions: they are simple and precise and accessible to all without training. (see PDF “Mixtures” at the bottom of the page)

Only the machine, the product kit, an air compressor with air filter and a clean spray booth are needed

Silvering: a simple 5-step process:

1/ Apply the gloss background (VB110), and then allow to bake or dry 

2/ Apply the wetting agent or make a flame treatment, to permits a good spreading of liquids, and rinsing

3/ Apply theActivator, to activate the surface and allow the reaction, and rinsing

4/ Apply simultaneously and cross-layered A (silver nitrate solution) and B (reducer) then rinsing and drying

5/ Apply a bluish special topcoat (VB110 + optical brightener), and drying

All the products are mixtures thinned at very low concentration levels in a large distilled volume. These products are all delivered in a complete kit. They are easy to use, and a “mixture sheet” is provided

Technique for producing a gloss chrome over all substrates

The “Expert” spray system allows to apply a true pure gloss chrome effect over all types of primed substrates (wood, plastic, metals, fiber, leather, etc.). The silvering chemical technique’s name derives from the fact that it uses silver (precious metal) solutions. It’s very affordable (consumables for 20m² = around € 800, depending on the price of silver) and provides interesting opportunities in the fields of various equipment: luxury (champagne, perfume, sculpture, decoration), and also automotive or motorcycle decorative equipment.

StardustColors chroming machine: an economic system - Products and machines made in France


- 1 double nozzle sprayer
- 1 plastic sprayer for distilled water (rinsing)
- 1 plastic sprayer for the activator
- 1 blow gun
- 3 x 18L stainless steel tanks + 1 x 9L tank
- A cleaning system
- An air regulator for each spray gun
- A front control panel with adjustment knobs and pressure gauges
- Valves and pneumatic hoses
- Feet and casters

- Coalescing air filtering system.
* Products not included.
Find our 10m or 20m consumable Kits here 

It is strongly recommended to provide purified air supply through filters for humidity, grease and dust that will be mounted at the air compressor outlet.

All double nozzle metallic spray guns can be easily fitted on the Expert machine. This equipment is optional: some users prefer sprayers, others appreciate spray guns.

See at the bottom of the page our instructional video (12 min) 

Our EXPERT machines allows you to spray a larger surface (up to 4m² in one run) than the PRO machines; they are also equipped with an additional tank (for the activator) and 4 independent pressure gauges to adjust each liquid station, all mounted on a robust and mobile frame.

Our machines have a  1 year guarantee. Each wearing part is in stock and can be shipped within 24h. All components of the Pro machine are high quality, economical and easy to change in just a few "clips".


All products are delivered in 
concentrated versions, and used in thinned solutions (2-5%) in distilled water only.
They are 
high concentrates and very economic:
 complete kit includes: base, topcoat, hardener, thinner and concentrated chemicals. You can cover 20sqm*. The yields vary depending on the applicator’s technique and especially according to the temperature: the higher the temperature, the more reactive the products, and vice versa. The products are also available separately, as a unit here .
Store all products with care, as they are light- and UV-sensitive
chemical solutions, susceptible to air (oxidation), contamination and ionizing through contact.
The final result depends mainly on the 
proper use and storage of the products, and of the  care and cleanliness (workshop, machine, substrate)

The EXPERT machine large format makes it possible to comfortably and quickly process any piece size up to 4m².  The machine consists of a unit that can be moved into the workshop or the paint booth through wheels. It has larger tanks, to adapt to more work volume, and a built-in cleaning system for the Silver pistol and Activator.


A paint booth
is recommended
- to apply the undercoat and the topcoat, which must be perfectly glossy and dust-free,
to extract aerosols from paints and clear coats, and vapours from liquid products containing irritating ammonia.
retention tray will be placed under the parts to be painted to collect the waste water.

To obtain a high quality silver plating chemical reaction, it is strongly advised to work under temperature conditions >20°C for air (in the workshop), water (more specifically, of the mixture) and surface (of the part to be chromed). Below 20°C, the reaction will be slowed down and will not give satisfactory results. The higher the temperature, the more effective the results and the optimised product consumption. Avoid temperature differences between liquid solutions, substrates and air. 

It's important to have a rotary device to rotate the parts to be chromed and also fixtures to hang them


With the exception of undercoat and topcoats which contain solvents and are flammable, the various sprayed liquids are water-based. No heavy metal is used or released (like the toxic and carcinogenic Chromium 6 used in chromium plating baths)

However, it is mandatory to respect the safety instructions (wearing gloves, goggles and masks) during mixing and use.
Find our ultra pure distilled water here.


1- A chrome effect can be produced on any object or material (even non-conductive), as long as it has been properly primed and painted with its special two-component base. Plastic, wood, concrete, leather, cardboard - everything can be processed.
2- The process is economical compared with the real methods of galvanic chrome plating, or the PLV chrome effects, or vacuum sputtering.
3- The STARDUST process is fast, producing a complete finish in 6 hours, from the undercoat to the topcoat.

4- Perfect adhesion: unlike other competing offers, StardustColors proposes a base (VB110) and a topcoat forming an inseparable whole that adheres perfectly, without any flame treatment. The products have been tested (CROSS HATCH TEST) after being soaked in water during 24hrs, and with a powerful adhesive without disbonding.


The process is decorative only and in no case claims to achieve the resistance and hardness displayed by real chrome, nor its purity.
Silvering produces a chrome effect which has a
life span limited to a few years outdoors. 
To effectively
protect chrome plating and increase its longevity, there are simple and effective solutions which can be combined:

  1. Apply a maximum of UV resistant topcoat layers

  2. Use as many coats as possible of all types of bodywork topcoat along with anti-UV additive included in the kit.

  3. Apply a nanoceramic protection  (a strong blocking agent that naturally absorbs UVs)

Also, it’s very important to completely waterproof the silver using the clear coat, as humidity causes yellowing.


Sculptures, bottle production (perfumes), glassware (champagne), automotive equipment and parts, furniture, mirrors, design and objects, etc.


Once the part is prepared and primed, the undercoat is applied; it must be glossy, hard and perfectly dry (baking at 60°C for 3h, 80°C for 2h, 150°C for 30 min or 4-7 days at room temperature) with a conventional spray gun.

After this, spray in 5 minutes the 4 products that form the silver layer. The whole is rinsed then dried.

Then apply the topcoat.

See the PROCEDURE document in red at the bottom of this page as well as the video.
By respecting the minimum drying times, it’s possible to apply all stages in 4-5 hours, if you use an oven.

Regarding the undercoat and clear coat, a minimum knowledge is required to paint with a spray gun and prepare the substrates.
Succeeding product spraying is very easy, thanks to the efficiency and flexibility of the 2 new formulas.

StardustColors technical support helps you and answers all your questions.

The products are sold separately, in kits, in the form of concentrates to be added to ultra pure distilled water. 
Find the kits here


Coloured Chrome (GOLD, RED, GREEN, BROWN) can be easily obtained by adding Candy concentrates in the topcoat



About the convergence of spray jets:

Products A and B are sprayed separately and meet at a junction point. Then they mix. It’s important that the products are mixed before touching the part surface.

About spray guns or sprayers:

Double nozzle guns have advantages (they atomize liquids better and consume less) and drawbacks (they are difficult to adjust, and do not have enough power for large parts). They are also very expensive (from €200 to €1,500)

The main advantages of sprayers are: high efficiency, economical, no adjustment.

About spray gun cleaning:

For tanks and guns, cleaning with water and bleach is sufficient. To completely renovate dirty parts, an ultrasonic cleaner must be used.







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