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Candy Concentrates

Packaging 250ml or 1L

Candy concentrates are solvent based inks, extremely transparent. The hues are highly concentrated and transluscent.

> Download the Candy Stardust color map at the bottom of the page.

We recommend to add these concentrates to automotive clearcoats, to get ready-to-use Candy topcoats.

Some customers are used to mix the concentrates to transparent mono-component binders (Available in our section TOPCOAT), as it makes it easier to apply the Candy. One has to take into account that topcoats are more transluscent than binders.


All our Candy concentrates display important qualities :

- A strong tinting power:

Only a few dozen grams can tint 1.5 Litre of clearcoat or 2L of pre-thinned binder.

-A perfect mix in all solvent based products:

You can add them to paints, topcoats and solvent based binders.

- A maximum resistance to UV

Excellent rating for UV resistance (Blue Wool Scale). Tested under extreme conditions.


Note: All our candy are extremely concentrated transluscent inks, except for the following colours: Purple / Plum / Magenta. These three products are viscous transparent tints (they are less transparent  and have lesser tinting power)

Composition : Solvent based product . VOC > 90%

Aspect: Dark colour liquid

Use : Concentrates can’t be used pure as they are : mix them with mono or bi-components transparent binders (binder or topcoat). Avoid repeated and prolonged exposure to air. Mix quickly to the binder or to clearcoat. Seal well the paint can after use.


Colouring power varies depending on the candy shades:

Recommanded dosage amount:

Cobalt blue : 65g

Purple: 50g

Magenta : 105g

Brown: 35g max

Dark: 35g max

Lime green: 50 g

Chlorophyll green: 45g

Orange 54/62: 45 g

Red119/08 : 50 g

Cyan blue 06: 45 g

Yellow 21: 20g

How to achieve a darker effect:

two choices :

1 - apply more layers of "Candy": beyond 5 layers, the result is very dark.

2 - apply less pearlescent, sequined or metallic undercoat, so that the black background is always a little visible

Effet Candy sur moto

When should you add UV or elasticizing additives? (from the primerto the last layer)

The elasticizer and the anti-UV are used only in the upper layers of 2C varnish


Candy colours chart

Candy colours chart



MSDS Candy concentrate

MSDS Candy concentrate


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