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We introduce our Chrome machine, "PRO format", perfect for chroming small or large size parts, of any type of material, at low cost and to obtain the same quality of finish than the large machine.

The professional machine is composed of the following elements:


- 1 plastic spray gun special for applying chrome
- 1 plastic spray gun for the water
- 1 gun for the activator, supplied with a 600ml bucket
- 1 blow gun spray
- 3 stainless steel tanks of 9 L each
- 1 semi-automatic cleaning system
- A control panel to regulate the air pressure
- Hoses and connectors

- Instructions


The chrome machine allows to achieve, through a chemical reaction, a true chrome, of highest purity and perfect shine.


The STARDUST Chrome machine does not use any toxic product:
Except for the basecoat, the top coat and the hardeners, which are solvent-based, all the other products that participate to the chrome reaction are water-based.
With the machine, there is no need to use "sputtering" techniques, or "chroming baths" that involve hazardous substances such as hexavalent Chromium IV.

With this process and this machine, it's easy to chrome small or large parts by spraying.
The machine only allows to achieve the chrome part (the central layer). The specific undercoat and the top coat are applied using conventional spray guns.
Chrome is fairly easy to apply as long as you follow closely the instructions. However the application of the undercoat and of the clear coat requires the experience of a professional spray painter.


This offer is completely different from the chrome paint: it doesn't require the same products (chrome painting is a paint, while chroming with a machine means a chemical reaction using water and silver)
The result obtained through our chroming system is far superior to the chrome paint. It is furthermore very easy to clear coat.

Our professional machine ensures a most efficient price/quality performance.
Refer below to our cost analysis regarding products for chroming one piece (the helmet is taken as an example)

The chroming system requires a substantial initial investment, but according to our experience, it allows to artisans to attract new customers, in the decorative, luxury and art fields, for automotive equipment, architecture, luxury bottling.... and potential large numbers of orders, with services invoiced at a high price.

Silvering is not recommended for outdoor automotive applications considering its resistance.


Decorative process only that in no means seeks to achieve the resistance and hardness of true chrome, nor its purity.

Silvering produces a chrome effect that is not resistant enough for outside use as it is sensitive to UVs. The product will last for up to two years. It depends on the clear coat, the intensity of exposure and the quality of the chrome plating completion (baking)


Chrome can be applied over any type of surface, as long as this latter has been correctly primed and/or prepared, with the appropriate adhesion primer (wood, metals, glass/ceramic, concrete, plastics)
The technique can also be used on supple surfaces.

Ensuring adhesion is the main concern for the painter and the client, especially
when you have to paint on glossy, dry and non sanded substrate.
Adherence depends on the materials and technique used:
First, the activator helps to obtain better adhesion properties: it prepares the
ground for chromium, and creates a bond between the surface and chromium. This is the most important step.
Flame surface treatment is a well known and effective technique to promote adhesion on glossy backgrounds and "open" them to allow sprayed products to adhere correctly. It is performed with a gas flame just before the application. When using our basecoat CB4 (24h drying), we recommend flame treatment.
Another very effective technique is the maximum decrease in the time between the application of the different passes (basecoat, chrome, clear coat): by maintaining a fast baking with our basecoat CB5, chromium binds to the basecoat, which is glossy and dry only at the surface. Then, during the hardening of the coats and the final baking, the passes overlap and blend together.

Not included in the chrome plating kit:

It is advisable to apply quality automotive topcoat afterwards to ensure more protection against abrasion and Uvs.

We strongly recommend additional topcoat  with a maximum of layers and thickness to protect the silver from yellowing and aging and also from abrasion, because the CelChrome topcoat is a very fine topcoat  which has the role of hanging on the silver.

> Use anti-UV absorber topcoat or an anti-UV additive to incorporate is important for parts exposed outdoors.

> Use a nano-ceramic protection (powerful anti-UV screen)


They are sold at a very attractive price as kits including paints and chrome concentrates to thin with water.



Colouring is obtained simply by adding our candy concentrated inks in the clear top coat.


Payment by Credit card and bank transfer on the website or via proforma - Delivery in France or worldwide.


Cost price for a helmet: 24 - Invoicing: 200 minimum


Free trainings every 2 months. Duration: 6 hours. Location: Saint Laurent des Arbres, France

(languages: Spanish, French, English)


How to favor the life expectancy of the outdoor chromium: 
Make sure that 100 % of the humidity and the residual solvents disappear. This humidity and these solvents are present in the base and in the coat(layer) of silver. Method: cooking or prolonged drying.
So, it is very important to waterproof totally the silver with the varnish, because the comeback of humidity causes the yellowing.








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