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Dual Nozzle Chrome Paint Spray Gun SAT1189

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Double nozzle gun for chrome plating SAT1189
- Chromium1 (silver) 1.3mm

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Stainless steel paint spray gun with stainless steel and aluminium nozzle SAT1189

allowing a double spraying using two fixed and oriented nozzles.

Each nozzle has its independent product supply circuit and an adjusting knob.
The feed passes through 2 "quick connect" fittings (0.6mm diameter).

This gun is ideal for chrome product spraying,
as it allows both products to be sprayed and mixed outside.
No chemical reaction takes place within the gun,
to avoid contamination of the spraying nozzles.

Important: It is important to have equal flow in each nozzle.
The adjustment can be done by spraying water in two containers.


The setting is a very important preliminary step.

It is necessary that the two jets are atomized and join with an equal form, without crossing.

It is important that the flow is equal for each nozzle:

The adjustment fault can be seen during spraying and rinsing

- A water with yellow reflection: Excess money

- A water with purple reflection: Excess reducer

Model: Double nozzle SAT1189 2NG CHROMIUM 1
Optimum recommended operating pressure: 4 bar / 58 psi
Maximum size of the jet (60 °) at height: 40cm
Air flow: 8-12cfm / 4000L / min
Nozzle size: 1.3mm
Anti-corrosion stainless steel

Gun cleaning
After use, it is important to purge the gun and rinse with sufficient water. Rinsing is done with distilled water.

Adaptation on chromium plating stations
The connection of the double nozzle gun to Stardust silvering machines or other brands is very simple:
We connect 0.6mm plastic tubes directly by "clipping" fast, on both arrivals (0.6mm female quick clips) products at the bottom of the gun.
It is very important to adopt a permanent connection for the money and another for the reducer, and never to interchange the two thereafter, at the risk of contamination of the circuit and the gun.

Air intake
A third inlet for compressed air is present: The double nozzle nozzle having a large air flow, it must be connected to a source of air

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