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7080UHS 2K PAINT FOR CAR BODYWORK - Car's colour tone

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Painting "Shiny Direct" Polyurethane
color code and packaging of your choice
available in kits of:

- 0.375ml kit
- 0.875ml kit
- 1.650ml kit
- 8.5 L kit
- 1 two-component aerosol 290ml
- Batch of 3 two-component aerosols 290ml

kits include paint + hardener + thinners

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How to order a colour tone:

Choose the packaging and order.

After order, tell us the color code of the car + the brand by mail in response to the order validation email

In case of right on a code or a three-layer system write to colorimetry@stardustcolors.com.

In case of incorrect code, the technician will contact you. In case of impossibility to make the color, the order will be immediately refunded.


7080 UHS 2K PAINT FOR CAR BODYWORK - Car's colour tone

All manufacturers colour tones*

Warning: before confirming your order, please send us an email: colorimetrie@stardustcolors.com with the color code to validate it and check if the paint is available in 2K version.

Choose the packaging type
Search for the colour code in our search engine
Precise the colour code in the comments box
The paint is delivered within 48hrs


UHS 2K Finish
developed for refinishing works on car and truck bodies.

The 7080 lacquer is a top quality product that emits low VOCs. For gear painting refer to our 'Painting for Industry' Category.

UHS*: Ultra HigH Solid means that the rate of solids after solvent evaporation is higher. It allows for better packing, thickness and durability.
2K: This means that the product does not need to be topcoated; compared to 1K basecoats to be clearcoated, it's glossy, hard and resistant in one step.

with yields in m² in 2 layers

- 0.375ml kit (1.5m²): 250ml lacquer + 125ml hardener
- 0.875ml kit (3m²): 500ml lacquer + 250ml hardener + 125ml thinner
- 1.650ml kit (6m²): 1L lacquer + 500ml hardener + 150ml thinner
- kit 8.5 L (30m²): 5L lacquer + 2.5L hardener + 1L thinner
- 1 two-component aerosol 290ml (0.5m² max)
- Set of 3 two-component aerosols 290ml (1.5m² max)

Each packaging offers you the selection of the standard/slow hardener version (for work in paint booth) or a fast version (small part or cold temperature)

Main qualities:
Flexibility, high brightness index and resistance to scratches, gasoline, UVs.


Some three-layer colours need an additional  specific undercoat.

If your colour code needs this additional undercoat, our technician will contact you

to propose you the colour of the undercoat (price: 57€  / L, ready to use).

7080 2K Paint application:
It's a bi-component lacquer, meaning that the drying is done by polymerization using a hardener.
The product does not dry at ambient temperature. Warning: once the hardener is added, use the product within 3 hours.
Let stand for 15 minutes to allow the product to stabilize.

The mixing is done by volume (not by weight) in 1 or 2 passes:
- 100 volumes of 7080 lacquer
- 50 volumes of 5225 hardener /
- Thinning will be depending on the painter's preference: about 10% of 710 thinner

Before application:
Degrease thoroughly, clean, dust and prime the raw surface if necessary (if the surface is made of metal, plastic...)
On old paintings, no primer is needed: a light sanding with 800 paper is enough to create adherence.

Gun (1.2-1.5mm) in 1 or 2 passes (allow a 10min interval between each coat)
Recommended dry film thickness: 605m

Touch dry in 1 hour
Dry: 4-5hours E-225
3-4h E-202
2.5h E-203

5225 Slow/Normal: Suitable for partial or complete paint works in paint booth
5202 Fast: Suitable for cold temperatures or small parts

Specify your choice during your order in the Comments box

Density (Weight in kg/L) = 1.38
High solids content: 67%
Product family: Polyurethane Acrylic (solvent-based product meeting European standards <420 g/L)

Theoretical coverage: for 605m sec: 9-10sqm/L

Our colorimetric system is composed of 68 colour bases, allowing to mix all automotive colours in the world. 35 solid colours, 10 metallized colours, 20 pearl colours and 3 Xirallic colours

The pigments used in our bodywork paints are non-toxic, and provide strong resistance to UV light.

Our colorimetric team is trained to provide a real quality control on each of the colours reproduced.

Solvent-based paints in 1L and 5L cans.


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