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Preparation Kit for bodywork before painting


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Body paintwork requires a great rigour and cleanliness.

The most important element for a successful painting is not the 2 minutes of spraying with a gun, but all the time spent in preparing the bodywork and the spray gun:

Our kit allows to achieve the final preparation before painting.

The body must be

- Sanded properly to ensure the paint adhesion

- Degreased, to remove invisible fingerprints, grease, or residues of silicone or glue

- Dusted to remove dust

The gun should of course be cleaned and in perfect condition, and the bodywork must be repaired and filled with putty if damaged, and primed if its metal/plastic is exposed.

(This kit does not include a primer nor filler: See our FILLER and PRIMER Category)

Offer details:

- 1 Degreaser (125 ml, suitable for auto or motorcycle touch-ups)

- 1 Set of a variety of abrasive sheets: 1x320, 1x800, 1x1200

- 1 Green abrasive sponge (medium-grain 320), 1 gray (fine 800)

- 1 Dust-suppressant sticky pad

- 1 Roll of adhesive, 48mm

- 1 x 500ml of Universal cleaning thinner for spray guns

How to properly use the product and prepare your support:

Sanding the old paint:

Soak the sandpaper in clean water and sand gently by hand using a circular motion. Keep the surface wet with a maximum of water. This gives a finer sanding, and prevents clogging the sheet.

Once the surface is perfectly smooth, rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth


Soak a paper towel or clean cloth with degreaser and clean thoroughly the surface. Before the surface dries, use another clean dry cloth to dry and remove the degreaser as no degreaser should remain on the surface or you risk to create reactions with paint.


Completely unfold the wiping pad, and lightly pass over the surface to collect dust. After use fold and store. 


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