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Black interference pearl paint

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Black/Colour Effect
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Pearlized paint with changing color from black to colour effect

The "black interference" paint range includes five special colours, exclusively developed by StardustColors.

Somewhat like chameleon paints, they create a changing color effect from black to coloured.
In the absence of direct light (lamp, sun, lamp post), the paint once topcoated produces a deep and glossy black appearance. From a certain angle, and under light, it will reveal a deep pearl colour.

The pearl particles are very fine, and do not contain any glitter. A glittered version is available on request.

We propose two packagings:

- 400ml Spraycan ready to use 
Coverage: 1.5-2sqm

- 500ml ready to use (already thinned)
Coverage: 5-7sqm

- 2L Kit includes 1L pure paint + 1L thinner
Coverage: 12-15sqm

1 kit may be enough for a car, .
Mixing: we recommend to thin the paint at 100%

The product is also proposed in complet kits for motorcycle or for  car 

VOC > 420g/L
Apply using a spray gun with 0.8-1.4mm nozzle

Black Interference Paint User Guide:

Step 1/Application of the black background.
It can be either:
> Our "Black surfacer filler primer"   (available also  in spray ) for bare and imperfect surfaces (You can find the product at the bottom of page)
> Our black paint, 1k basecoat,  (available also  in spray ) ideal for covering old paints. (You can find the product at the bottom of page)
The black paint offer a deepest black effect.

Step 2/Black Interference paint application

The paint is used very fluid, and it is important to apply very thin passes.
It is important to paint in a regular manner, by applying an equal number of coats over each part of the car body.

We recommend two very thin passes. Beyond this amount, the deep black effect will be lost.
it is important to apply only a small amount of paint, and to not overcharge the coats.

Warning: the paint is solvent-based, it dries in a few seconds: when wet, you can see well its pearl effect.
When dry, it becomes mat and you can no longer notice its pearl effect. This effect will reappear during the clearcoating process and will only be visible under direct light.

Step 3/Clearcoating
Within 30 minutes, apply a glossy topcoat for bodywork (See bottom of page)

We propose a large range of clearcoat in can or in spray


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