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Crackle Effect Paint – LAVA CRACKS

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The crackle effect is a special paint that creates crackle paint patterns.

Supplied in 500ml, 1L, or 2L kit

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Cracked effect Paint

The crackled effect paint LAVA CRACKS will produce cracks during drying, and offers a very original visual effect, with an "antique" style, a marbled, textured, or "lava" effect.

The product does not really give relief, unless the cracked layer is very thick.

The crackle effect can be left as is, or a topcoat can be applied, to smooth and give a matte, satin or gloss finish, or even a pearl look with Crystal clear coat.

Various applications:

  • Bodywork

  • Furniture

  • Artistic pieces

Content of the kits:

The product is a kit (500ml / 1000ml / 10L: FOND + fintion 50/50)

Kit 500 ml = 250ml + 250ml

Kit 1000ml = 500ml + 500ml

Kit 2 L = 1L + 1L


2-stage system, using 2 products: the cracked background (TRANSPARENT) and the crackled finish (BLACK).

It is recommended to apply the products using a spray gun or airbrush

1 - Cracked background application:

On old paints or clearcoats, or sanded primers,

Application in 1 or 2 passes

Yield: 4m²/L by step

Example of yield for a kit 1 Liter
500ml step 1: 2m²
500ml step 2: 2m²
Total: 2m²

Drying at 20°C: 3-10min

2 - Crackled finish application:

Apply 1 wet coat (medium or thick). Do not spend second layer

then let dry and "crack" (5-20min)

Apply a topcoat after the complete appearance of the crackles, (all types of topcoats are suitable: it is necessary to apply at least 3 layers of varnish to properly level the cracks)

The size of the cracks depends on the thickness of the coat: the thicker it is, the greater the cracks.

3 - Application of varnish

We recommend applying all types of car polishes

It is also possible to tint it with our opaque concentrated shades


The crackled background and finish are single-component products.

They're already thinned.

The background is delivered transparent. It must therefore be applied to a fluorescent paint, or it can be stained with our concentrated fluorescent shades at 10%, and then applied on a white background.

The best effects are called "Cracked Lava". They are achieved with

  • a fluorescent tinted background (orange, red, green, etc.)

  • a cracked tinted finish of opaque black colour

Many varied combinations are possible depending on your imagination, whether or not in association with other effects:

Example with a Candy

Reserved for professional users.
Product to be applied exclusively in companies classified ICPE Heading 2940
within the framework of Directive 1999/13


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