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Concentrated Chrome A For Argenture

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3 concentrated "A"
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- CD2920
- OX1910
- CD1900

The concentrates are identical for the formulas RS2 and R5

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Chrome reactiontakes place with the help of two products, A (silver) and B (reducer).

Silver deposition forms after 5 to 15 seconds during the simultaneous spraying of products A and B. These products are supplied as concentrates to be thinned.

Packaging: Available in 500ml - 1L - 5L

Solution A (Silver) is obtained by mixing the products CD2920 OX1910 CD1900 with distilled water

Thinning :

Never mix together without water  creates a danger of explosive product!

A clean tank or new plastic cans are used for the preparation of the mixture. To avoid cross contaminations, do not use pipettes, pots, or measure utensils which have already been used for other products. Make accurate measurements and respect the order of the mixing of the products

Precautions : Do not heat the concentrate. Do not expose the liquid to sunlight or Uvs. When the bottles are empty, rinse them thoroughly with water before disposal. Read and understand well all safety instructions before use. Misused, the product can create an explosive reaction.


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