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Set of 9 basic colors Aero Color - assorted Schmincke inks


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Box of 9 basic colors Schmincke

9 x 28 ml Colors : 101, 202, 302, 304, 402, 405, 500, 602, 702

Paint for artistic airbrushes

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The basic assortment box 81108 from Schmincke contains 9 liquid inks with radiant and glossy colors from the Aero Color Professional range.

28101 Super White, opaque

28202 Primary yellow

28302 Carmine Red

28304 Primary Magenta

28402 Ultramarine

28405 Primary Cian Blue

28500 Phthallo Green

28602 Brown from Brazil

28702 Black

These 9 shades form the basis of the ready-to-use colors for artistic airbrush painting, but also for all disciplines of drawing, pen and liquid acrylics (of course these colors are not comparable with watercolors, as they are very intense, concentrated, and covering.

The 9 colors are very bright, they are totally resistant to sunlight.

As they are ready to use, they can be used pure, immediately.

It is also possible to dilute them with water : their very strong pigmentation makes it possible to tolerate a high percentage of dilution, which makes it possible to refine the stroke, to achieve details with the finest airbrushes.

Easy to measure out, precise color formulas

One of the special features of Aero Color inks is that they are packaged in glass bottles with a measuring pipette, which makes it very easy to measure out each color to the nearest drop (each drop is always equal and represents a measure of approximately 0.03g or 0.03ml).

It's easy to create these recipes and shade formulas, without weighing them, just counting the drops.

Thanks to the high quality of Schmincke pigments, their homogeneity and perfect dispersion despite the high liquidity of the colors, the mixtures are always perfect and the colors are sumptuous.

By mixing the shades with each other, a rich range of colors can be achieved.

9 Aero Colors inks : The diagram of the colors

The diagram above, simply shows an example of the mixing possibilities with their results.

The horizontal axis shows the 9 pure colors.

The ink mixtures are shown mixed with every other color on the vertical axis.

The mixing is 2 to 1 (drops or parts) : This means that the tints of the horizontal axis (one drop) are mixed with two drops of tints of the vertical axis, to give 72 new colors.

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