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Ultrasonic Cleaner for airbrush, model for domestic use 0.6L GT-F1 and Pro model 2L GT-SONIC-D2

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Ultrasonic Cleaner for airbrush, model for domestic use 0.6L GT-F1 and Pro model 2L GT-SONIC-D2
Models and parts are guaranteed for 1 year

How the ultrasonic cleaner works
Ultrasonic cleaning is well-suited for very dirty metal parts and is the most effective method for removing all dirt, dried paints or grease from the part surface without any contact or difficult manual brushing; it involves high-frequency waves.

What can you clean with the ultrasonic cleaner:
All hard objects, such as jewellery (rings, stones), metals (precision tools), glasses and ceramics (eyewear)
Our GT-SONIC-D2 ultrasonic cleaner is ideal for equiping the workshop of the airbrush painter, tattoo artist or model maker.

How to ensure proper ultrasound cleaning of the airbrush?
Dismantle entirely the airbrush and place the parts in the basket. Do not place the pieces too close to each other. The pieces should not be located near the walls, as the cavitation rate of the waves is lower.
Choose the right cleaning solution (water, thinner, etc.), the right temperature, and the correct duration of the cleaning according to the fouling.

How to choose your ultrasonic cleaner and for what purpose?
To assess its effectiveness, examine:

> The size of the basket: our ultrasonic cleaners have "baskets" or "tanks" whose sizes Lxlxh are designed to contain small tools, including especially dismantled airbrushes. The larger the tank, the better the cleaning (higher cavitation rate)

> The power in Watt, and the frequency in Kilohertz; these two parameters determine the effectiveness of the cleaning
Our ultrasonic cleaners produce high frequencies, making it possible to treat the most complex parts of an airbrush, even in the smallest crevices, nooks, nozzles, and ducts.

> The heating function, which increases the cleaning capacity

> The stainless or plastic material, to consider the life cycle of the device and its operating capacity for frequent or occasional work

> Can ultrasonic cleaning damage the parts?
Ultrasonic cleaning is considered safe and secure. Even if the effect of the implosion of thousands of mini air bubbles per second is very powerful, the cleaning process is safe for the parts because it’s done at a microscopic level

StardustColors offers ultrasonic cleaner models for airbrush or tattoo machine.

Characteristics table
Ultrasonic cleaner GT-F1 and GT-SONIC-D2

Operating frequency
40KHz 40KHz
Ultrasonic performance
Weight0.685kg2.22 kg
Timer setting
300sec1 à 99 min
Tank dimensions
Voltage 220-240V/50220-240V/50/60Hz
Heating performance

New design, easy to use
Material: High resistance ABS
Stainless steel tank
Pieces for ultrasound in high quality ceramic
Excellent electrical insulation, safe operation and long service life
Digital control
No heating function
Use limited to 5min

Digital control and display
Adjustable ultrasonic power, soft or normal
Degas function to improve cleaning
Timer setting from 1 to 99minutes
High quality cleaning
Heating adjustable from 0-80 °C
Memory function
Thermostatic control and overheating protection
Complete metallic structure in stainless steel, welded and single-cast, without screws
High Quality Transducer Technology
MCU-SWEEP generator, best ultra sonic transfer efficiency

StardustColors states that the ultrasonic cleaners models UC-6106 and 4030L are in conformity with the EC European Directives: RoHS, LVD and EMC

For paints with water-based bases from our Stardust Pro and Vallejo ranges, use the stripper cleaner BG

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