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Alcohol inks - 25 transparent colors

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25 colors of translucent alcoholic inks
Miscible and compatible with water and solvent
Delivered in 17 ml
Caution : flammable product !
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STARDUST alcohol-based inks (methoxypropanol) are pure, transparent, concentrated, and miscible in both water and many solvents.

Manufactured without any pigment, but based on soluble dyes, the dilution can be done infinitely.
One drop can tint a glass of water.

The alcohol inks are delivered in 17ml bottles with " pipette " tips allowing to dose precisely drop by drop.

For easy handling of these concentrated alcohol inks, we recommend the use of laboratory pipettes.


The possible uses of these inks are multiple.
Totally liquid, they are suitable for airbrushes and brushes.
Given their high concentration, they should not be used pure. They dissolve completely in water, paints, clearcoats, solvents and resins.

It is possible to make washes by mixing them with acrylic clearcoats, matt or glossy.

Effect of alcohol based inks for bicycle
In the technique of personalization of bicycle frames, we use these alcohol-based inks on a white primer finely sanded, and we apply drops of color, letting the color diffuse naturally, as in watercolor. You can also touch up with a brush, or blow with an airbrush or a small bellows to modify the patterns.

The dilution is done with isopropyl alcohol for example.
To slow down the drying process, it is possible to create your own "juice" or "blender" by mixing 50/50 alcohol and water.

After evaporation, the design freezes, but as long as the ink and its pigment have not been "fixed" with a varnish or by adding binder/resin to the juice, the design can be rewetted, rubbed off, and modified.
To provide the fixing property to this water-alcohol "juice", a few drops of clear acrylic binder, a water-soluble paint solvent and resin thinner, can be added.

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