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Complete Kit Arco Iris

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Complete Kit Arco iris 


•  5L paint for the background (Base to clearcoat, the colour is on choice: Metallic grey, Black or White)

•  2L of Arco Iris paint 20 or 35 µm

•  2L of Ultra High Solid clear coat+ 0.66 of hardener + 500ml thinner

Value of the whole : 830 euros


With this quantity of product you are sure to paint the whole inside and outside of a big size car.


Of course, all the necessary products are included.


Abrasive sheets and masking tapes are available in the section Abrasive.


Aspect: Spectrum being a paint extremely difficult to achieve, we propose only the kit Arco Iris 20/35µm, which is easy to apply but guarantees a maximum of effect.

The arco iris is a holographic or prismatic product, that creates a rainbow effect.

Only a few thin passes are necessary. The effect achieved (see picture) is iridescent and prismatic (rainbow like), under a source of light, or even by night, when it reflects the cities' light.

However the effect will be completely invisible by cloudy weather or in the shadows.

The aspect will also depend of the colour of the background: over a black background, it will display an intense prismatic effect and a strong grey colour rainbow. Over an aluminium background it will not modify the background colour and gives a rainbow effect. While over a white background it will create a slight metallic and rainbow effect.


How to use:

1/ After the aluminium or black/white background has been applied, and within 30minutes.  (Ready-to-use, mono-component product)

2/ Apply a few thin passes of Arco Iris until to get the effect you wish. Allow to dry 30 minutes and topcoat immediately. (Ready to use mono-component product)

6/ Apply the clearcoat after having mixed it with the hardener and thinned it at around 15%. Spray 2 to 3 coats. The Rainbow effect will reveal itself in all its intensity!  


Composition : Solvent based product (VOC>420g/L)

Particles size : 20 or 35 microns - (0.020 mm / 0.035mm).

Use : Spraygun 0.8-1.2mm

Pressure: 2-3 bars 


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