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This paint set

delivered either in aerosol or in cans,

allows you to achieve a marbled effect « Marblizer »

coated with a colored Candy clearcoat of your choice

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The offer :

It includes the necessary products to paint the pearly marbled candy effect "marblizer" on a large painted surface (including fairing and cases).

See details below.

The offer does not include special primers for adhesion or leveling. This can be ordered separately, depending on the specific needs of the motorcycle.

3 steps for the realization of a motorcycle paint « Marblizer » :

The Marblizer effect, is a special paint made in 3 different coats:

  1. black base

  2. marblizer

  3. candy clearcoat

This creates an impressive visual appearance on the painted motorcycle fairing, both in texture and depth, although of course the finished work is perfectly fine, smooth and glossy.

The color :

The Marblizer effect is applied over a black background and gives a silvery gray color.

It is the "candy" clearcoat, the last step of the process, which gives the color and the shine.

The color is to be chosen freely among the twenty or so candy shades offered (see PDF color chart at the bottom of the page) or follow this link to see all the candy clearcoats available.

Choice :

once the color is chosen and the order placed, the choice of the candy color must be specified by email.

More information about the offers

Marbled motorcycle paint kit in a can


two component black 2K paint 500ml

hardener 250 ml + thinner 125 ml

Marblizer 1 Litre

UHS candy clearcoat (choice of color) 1 Litre

Hardener 0,33 Litre

Thinner 125 ml

suitable for 4-5m².

Marbled motorcycle spray paint kit


two component black 2K paint in spray x 3 spray cans

Marblizer in spray 400ml x 3 spray cans

UHS two component candy clearcoat (choice of color) in spray x 4 spray cans

suitable for 2,5- 3m².

* the spray option is not the most interesting from an economic or application point of view. If you have a spray gun, clearly prefer this option

How to use - 5 steps to a successful Marblizer motorcycle paint job

1 - sand the painted surfaces of the body and fairings of the motorcycle, with a 500 grit abrasive and water. It is not a question of stripping but of sanding lightly to allow the adhesion. Dry, clean and degrease.

2 – mix the black 2K paint

In can : mix by weight or volume, 100 parts of 2K paint with 50 parts of hardener, then dilute with 10% of thinner. Duration of use of the mixture: 30min

In spray can : press the red button, and shake the can vigorously.

Apply one or two coats and allow to dry for 24 hours.

3 – sand with P500 abrasive, dry and clean

4 – Apply Marblizer, a medium coat, and place a cellophane-type plastic film for a few seconds on top of the wet Marblizer coat. Remove the film and if necessary reapply the film to cross the patterns, or remove product when it is in excess.

> Work zone by zone (50cm side max)

> The film must be applied to the wet surface. It must not be pressed.

You should try to cover all the black background with the Marblizer within 30 minutes if possible in order to varnish. This allows the clearcoat to adhere and not risk creating a weak adhesion.

5 – mix the Candy clearcoat

In can : mix by weight or volume, 100 parts of 2K paint with 33 parts of hardener 412, then dilute with 10% thinner. Duration of use of the mixture: 30min

In spray can : press the red button, and shake the can vigorously.

Apply 2 to 4 coats according to the desired color and allow to dry for 24 hours.

Questions and answers

Q :

How to achieve a deep, dark tone ?

A :

Apply less Marblizer, to keep the black background more visible

Apply more coats of candy clearcoat, to darken the shade

Q :

What type of black background can be used ?

A :

a black clearcoat, a black primer, a black 2K paint.

1K basecoats should be avoided because they melt when the cellophane film is handled on their surface.

Q :

Is a marblizer candy resistant to sunlight ?

A :

Yes, not as much as the classic opaque colors, but the Stardust candy is quite UV resistant and will last for several years depending on sunlight and exposure

Q :

Can we go back with another clearcoat ?

A :

Yes, after 24 hours of drying and a water sanding with 500 or 800.

This allows more shine, depth, protection


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